Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An apology about the hiatus~

Gomen nasai, minna san~

Our last post was on 11/11/11, and it's been four months since. If any of you is still checking this blog for updates, I feel I must offer up some sort of explanation (though a much belated one) for your persistence. ( ゚д゚)

Off the bat, I don't think Chiharu is updating anytime soon. The full explanation I would leave to her to write out, should she return. 

I guess it might be simplistic to say that we've moved on from blogging, but I suppose that's the easiest way to explain. Domokie was started out of a desire to share the things we love, chiefly: make-up, food and pretty things. I don't think either of us would stop wanting to do that -- it's what makes humans humans -- but reality's a bitch sometimes.

Certain events happened, and I suppose Chiharu's feeling a bit down at the moment. 

As you can probably tell from the post count, Chiharu is a much more passionate blogger than I am. [壁]д・)ノ This is predominantly a beauty blog, I guess, and I'm not quite confident or adept enough to handle it on my own. I'm more a back-end sort of person, more comfortable with HTML codes and Photoshop, more comfortable out of the camera frame than in it.

So when Chiharu stopped blogging, inevitably this blog becomes a husk. I guess I'm shirking my responsibility a little here, but these days my world consists of drawing, work, and video games, and it seems a little odd to bring that world here.

On the other hand, it seems a bit of a pity to throw everything away, so this blog shall still be here, biding its time before it comes out of hibernation eventually. I might update a little sometimes, but a story cannot move on without its full cast.


What I've been up to thus far:

I like beautiful things. I think we all do. But let's all strive to be happy and good, ja?
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