About Domokie

Who, what, when and how?

Domokie is founded on the 20th April 2011 by two best friends, Domo and Cookie. The reviews found on Domokie can range from beauty to food, food to movies and even services. This blog was inspired by our love and passion for sharing things we've experienced and tried. Our blog's aim is also to help people understand the products in detail without having to personally make a trip down to check out their lemmings.

Contact us at: domokie@gmail.com


Currently obsessed with Uzzlang / Mool Guang korean style make up. Into food and everything nice. Still loving Gyaru style. SNSD SEOBABY!!!

Undertone : Neutral
MAC shade : NC20-25 (I'm slightly fairer than average)
Skin type : Combination oily skin. Generally acne free except when under stress / lack of sleep / period
Face shape : Diamond + Circle
Hair color : Orangey brown
Hair type : Wavy, and slightly frizzy at times
Figure : Barrel-shaped
Shoe size : 38 +/-1
Birthdate : 31/12


Game artist, likes DIY crafts, reading and enjoying nice food. Obsessed with Japanese culture.

Undertone : Cool
MAC shade : NC10-15 (ghostly pale)
Skin type : Combination dry skin, acne-prone, sensitive
Face shape : Circle. Like a chestnut
Hair color : Ombre hair (bleached at the bottom)
Hair type : Healthy, rebonded hair
Figure : Hourglass
Shoe size : 39 +/-1
Birthdate : 19/10
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