Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Domo Diaries : FOTD + Mini memories of Bangkok!

*Inserts guilty and nervous laughter*

Hello Domokies >_<

We sorta came back for awhile, blogged a little, explained our disappearance and then disappeared again... We've been living our lives as normal, boring human beings and I went on a recent holiday trip to Bangkok!

It's my first time going to Bangkok without a tour guide so I'm kinda a noob and thus I didn't take note of any details or locations or whatsoever. I have some pictures randomly pooled together so feel free to take a look~ I'm returning in November for another shopping spree so I'll do a proper detailed post then!

I'm sure some of you have heard of MK, otherwise you're just like me :D It's not that bad, we're still exploring! Basically this is just... Steamboat. I can't remember much of it for it wasn't very impressive to me. The soup was however, one of the sweetest I've ever tasted in my life, probably because of the amount of veggies dumped into it.

I think this is beef. Nothing too amazing, it's just meat.

Some kinda platter. See that white doughey thing at the bottom left? That's shrimp wanton and it's awesome!!!

More meat, pork I believe.

And bla bla bla fast forward to my next meal on don't remember which day, here's my samurai pork burger!

Only picture I took before gobbling it. It's not like the samurai beef/chicken burger we have in SG though. This one doesn't contain black pepper and it's not spicy at all.

Super delicious kway chap.

Loads of intestines and tender pork that melts in your mouth~

From here onward, viewers' discretion is advised.

Heh heh bugs stall!

Frogs! Deep fried whole. I have close ups but they're slightly disturbing so I won't post them here. These taste like really crunchy chicken. And yes, you can eat the entire thing with the eyes...


These things are HUGEEEEE. But they don't taste as bad as you think. Still, it takes courage to bite into one, especially for a girl with a mega phobia of anything without legs or with more than 4 legs ><

Here we have some crickets.

These are a lot less intimidating than the grasshoppers and I personally find them tasty :/ They're a healthier and more nutritious version of potato chips! Super crunchy with a slightly milky aftertaste?

Last but not least, here are my loots! Snapped them up at fantastic prices and I promise to do a more detailed post next time /.\ But for now, dresses as cheap as $3-4, belts for about $2? And $8 bags!!! Plus I bought a HUGEEEE tub of hair mask to try! It's like 1litre and received positive reviews on the internet. Time to pamper my hair.

And randomly...

How I've been doing my make up recently! Super natural and suitable for work or school! (I don't mean primary or secondary school or JCs, you're not allowed to use make up there!) And of course, it's inspired by the Korean make up trend~

And then RANDOMLY, AGAIN, I'm ending this post! Hopefully I won't go MIA again~

Domo ❤
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