Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Domo Diaries : What I've been up to

Hello my lovelies! I'm trying to blog as much as I can but as of now I have not have time to edit the product shots and stuff. So here's a snippet of my life and what's been keeping me busy :)

There's stuff like work that's been escalating to a whole new level of busy as plenty of new courses are starting and I have to handle all the registration, the orders and the ka ching! I'm constantly in fear of losing the money as it's more than a few thousands and if it goes MIA... I'm dead meat.

There's also my preparation for the BTT. It may be simple for some but I've not been reading or memorizing stuff for quite some time and this is a killer!!!

But here's the main reason why I'm occupied.

I've been preparing myself for the Safra PK Challenge 2012 and am currently awaiting results if I get into the Quarter Finals or not. This one was sent for the online submission screening and I've already passed that. I sang 蔡健雅(Tanya Chua) 无底洞 for the qualifying rounds and the video is below!

I didn't do very well because once I got up on stage I was soooo nervous my chest hurts from my pounding heart. Yea it was that bad it actually hurt. Nevertheless, I've did what I can and I hope to be able to make it through to the Quarter Finals(Results announced tonight omgomgomg!).

Feel free to comment on the video or even here to give me any feedbacks that you might have :D Please please please be nice!

Also, I found someone's video for the first 40 minutes of the competition so here it is for you to look through all the contestants.

Hope this new blog post is acceptable for you all :x Did anyone go for this competition as well? If you did, show me your video!

Have a nice day my lovelies~


Monday, 10 September 2012

Our explanation

Hey Domokies,

So here it is, our explanation, or more specifically mine, towards us being MIA for so very long. If you have noticed, most of the beauty reviews are done by me thus when I went MIA, Ringo slowly slipped away too. Why did I just disappear?

Firstly, it's not easy being a beauty blogger. I know of people who thinks that being a blogger equates to freebies, sponsorship and an easy life. Nope, it's not like that at all. Domokie started out with our love and passion towards all things nice. We stand by our values of giving 100% honest reviews. This made our blogger life tough. After all, the purpose of sponsoring us products is for us to advertise about their products on our blog. And not all products are that great to us. When we give our honest reviews, we have sponsors who get upset. Okay mainly just ONE big sponsor who's in charge of several brands. They've emailed us before, requesting for us to change our reviews, or stick to their format of what we should emphasize about their products. We didn't comply and thus you can see, our sponsorship with that sponsor is gone with the wind~

Secondly, not following the "orders" given by the sponsors also leads to gossiping among other bloggers. Unknown to most of you, there are unfortunately some bloggers who blog according to what their sponsors have instructed. You'll see that there are a lot of bloggers who rave about how magical a product is these days. Or one entire blog flooded with advertorials.

No, Domokie's not just about that. So we kinda got "outcast-ed". Blogging is a form of social media, so without the social part, it's sometimes a little hard on us. We buy our own products, but latest products are usually given to bloggers to review before it hits the market. Despite that, we have came to a decision that we will no longer be actively participating in sponsorships whatsoever. We'll review the products that we have and love and if you think it's good enough for you, go ahead to try it. We do not want to lie to our readers.

Thirdly, having bloggers beeching about you isn't nice at all, especially when one bunch of them "bombs" you with insults. They're all older than me but I have no idea why their maturity is so... Yea. But either way, it's not easy to survive while getting bullied. We are not rocks. Well Ringo's tougher and I'm more of a er... Softie? I take people very seriously, inclusive of friendships and whatever ships we have. Thus this whole incident impacted me harder and I went MIA. It's really horrible when you go for events and have people snickering at you. I often feel somewhat like this at events.

Image taken from

I know that I've just been running away but I've decided to return. Thanks to our honesty, we actually have a lot of people emailing us regarding LWM especially. (That was the post that made us go down too :<) We've also had readers ask about us and truly, we're touched. All of you are our blogging fuel and as cheesy as it sounds, you give us strength.

We are restarting our blog but it will no longer be like before. We're actually rather into baking now so we'll be posting one of our successful recipes up here. (lol most of them failed cause we just self-learnt baking) We're deciding to go by our real life nics now. We used Chiharu and Ringo before because we didn't want this blog to link to our private lives. But now, we're going to be a less commercial blog anyway so now you'll finally know why this blog is DOMOKIE. I'm Domo(Chiharu) and she's actually Cookie(Ringo). Domo + Cookie = Domokie. There you have it.

Cookie's a very DIY person and she'll be sharing her knowledge with you. She's pretty busy for now so I'll most likely be managing on my own. We will be revamping our blog to go with the new us so look forward to it! :D I'll still be doing beauty reviews but mostly on products I love because I do a lot of research before purchasing a product.

Lastly, we are very sorry about our MIA. It was not nice at all to just disappear and we apologize for that. Thank you to those of you who are still reading this post for you are the reason we continued blogging.

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