Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Domo Diaries : What I've been up to

Hello my lovelies! I'm trying to blog as much as I can but as of now I have not have time to edit the product shots and stuff. So here's a snippet of my life and what's been keeping me busy :)

There's stuff like work that's been escalating to a whole new level of busy as plenty of new courses are starting and I have to handle all the registration, the orders and the ka ching! I'm constantly in fear of losing the money as it's more than a few thousands and if it goes MIA... I'm dead meat.

There's also my preparation for the BTT. It may be simple for some but I've not been reading or memorizing stuff for quite some time and this is a killer!!!

But here's the main reason why I'm occupied.

I've been preparing myself for the Safra PK Challenge 2012 and am currently awaiting results if I get into the Quarter Finals or not. This one was sent for the online submission screening and I've already passed that. I sang 蔡健雅(Tanya Chua) 无底洞 for the qualifying rounds and the video is below!

I didn't do very well because once I got up on stage I was soooo nervous my chest hurts from my pounding heart. Yea it was that bad it actually hurt. Nevertheless, I've did what I can and I hope to be able to make it through to the Quarter Finals(Results announced tonight omgomgomg!).

Feel free to comment on the video or even here to give me any feedbacks that you might have :D Please please please be nice!

Also, I found someone's video for the first 40 minutes of the competition so here it is for you to look through all the contestants.

Hope this new blog post is acceptable for you all :x Did anyone go for this competition as well? If you did, show me your video!

Have a nice day my lovelies~


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