Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Event : A Hair Makeover at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Hello hello my Domokies! Okay don't shoot me yet :/ I forgot how to use photoshop to adjust the lighting of the pictures SOOOOOO I finally stopped procrastinating and got down to it today! (So don't assassinate me, I'm trying!)

Some time ago, I got invited for a hair makeover at Shunji Matsuo, presented with the option of perming, rebonding, coloring, hair treatment or a simple haircut.

I've actually gotten addicted to bright colors and have gone to my usual hairstylist for my colors so I decided to just get the hair treatment done at Shunji's. Besides, you hair will never die from a few more hair treatments as compared to perm/rebond/color.

Here are some pictures of my hair before the treatment.

If you look closely, you can see a mini helmet of frizzy hair surrounding my head. Here's a close up for those who are unable to see it.

Yea I'm pretty sure you can see all the hair sticking out now. Pardon the color though, this was taken in a toilet with strange lighting.

With that I headed off to Shunji Matsuo for a hair pampering session and here's how their new interior looks like!

Really nicely lit but not glaring to the eyes. Their design seems to revolve around wood and somehow that provides a more calming environment? Better than concrete walls all over imho.

This is their hair dye selection. This will probably explain where all the Shunji Matsuo ambassadors get their crazy hair colors from. There're so many colors! Also explains why they like to change colors, sticking to one is boring :P

Snuck a shot of these peeps doing their hair. I also had a picture of where they do the hair treatment with the steaming thingy but there were people lying there and it was kinda unglam to snap their pics.

I was recommended to try the Arimino Botanical Garderns Treatment for my dry frizzy hair and so that was what I did.

Here's how I look like after, with the color of my hair looking more appropriate with the lighting in the salon.

They blew dry my hair so there were less frizzies.

If you compare this picture to the one before, the hair is very much tamed.

Want to try this for yourself? Head down to Shunji Matsuo :D New fans/customers can register and receive 20% off with a minimum spending of $100~

P.S. I haven't done a post in a really long time, so let me know if you have any feedbacks!


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