Monday, 11 February 2013

Artwork & DIY: Flower Headdress and LoL Nami

Hope you guys are well this Chinese New Year season. Seems like more people get sick during this period, compared to other festive occasions, so do take care and not eat too much bak kwa. If you're like me, and not much of a festive person, perhaps you'd feel like a 'foreveralone' single on a Valentine's Day (which is coming soon :-O). Don't feel too down either.

Sorry for having not posted much for quite a while. My camera is officially deceased and it's a good excuse for me to get a new one (perhaps, a DSLR?).

I haven't been all that idle though, I hope. (Excuses. :x) Have been trying my hands out doing some DIY stuff though I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet.

Made a flower headdress of sorts from artificial flowers and lace ribbons. And a lace circle skirt that has really messy sewing. And well, drew some artworks. I've really got to concentrate and do more work though. I've been a little lazy these days because life is a little comfortable and I'm usually a little sleep-deprived (which explains the somewhat early timing of this post).

Wishing you a happy year ahead. 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Event : Soap NOT Soup!

Wait... What? I'm sure that title made no sense to most of you :/ Here's a post before CNY, hopefully to also prevent you from doing something wrong, or even potentially harming yourself! *Dramatic*

A few weeks ago, we were invited to...

Lush! One of the happiest shop in SG imo.

Look at all the colors!

Pretty right? But the main reason why we went down to Lush was for...

The Soap NOT Soup event / I'm FINished With Fins campaign!

We saw these posters in the shop, you'll be able to see some of these around your bus stops and stuff like that. These are the people who've pledged to be FINished with FINS.

Say NO to shark fin soup. It's like saying no to drugs, it's not addictive but it causes harm to your body. I bet most of you didn't know that.

Us at the event! *Pardon the tired face*

As beauty bloggers, we initially thought we were just going down for a *cough-typical-cough* event that's just introducing their new products. Don't be shocked, the existence of most BB nowadays are just to help companies market their products for free. However Cookie and I wanted to go for this event because we do not consume shark fin at all. At least this is for a good cause! (We thought wrongly though, we'll elaborate later.)

*Plants surprise picture of Hossan Leong and Yasminne Cheng!* Was trying to subtly snap this pic but got caught... Scroll down~~~

>___< BUT AHEM, evidence of them supporting the campaign!

I believe this is Shima, she's giving us an introduction to this event and its purpose.

Credits to Aleron who compiled these facts together.
Here's some facts you never did know with regards to sharkfin, click to enlarge! Now you know. Plus most SG peeps are seafood lovers, so without sharks, without the balance in the eco system, you can say byebye to scallops and crabs!

Here's Nafees Khundker, Director of LUSH SG, giving his support and explaining how Lush helps in being green as well!

It's Domokie's mission to save the sharks as well, not officially but we do it in our own little ways.

Here's John Lu, Regional Director of Shark Savers telling us more about this campaign.

And prepare yourselves for a mini bombing of pictures.

Basically, they're sharing with everyone their experiences upon pledging their loyalty to this campaign. As expected, they did face some disagreements with friends, a little teeny itsy bit of conflict here and there with those who find this campaign ridiculous.

DOMOKIE WAS WRONG. I admit, we were both wrong. This is the most eventful event out of all the blogger events I have been to in the past. We went there confused because we didn't recognize most of the people there till we realized that we were one of the few beauty bloggers invited. Cookie and I do not eat shark fin. We're actually really happy to know about this campaign because now we know, other people care as well!

Not just divers, not just celebrities, even ordinary people like us can play a part in helping to save the sharks. I bet that at some point of time in your life, if you ever pondered over shark fins and sounded it out to those around you, there are those who say that eating shark fin is a tradition, sharks can live without their fins anyway! Now let me ask you in return, would you like living without your hands or legs? I'm not sure how true it is but we humans can survive without our limbs for sure. Do YOU want that?

I know CNY is here, I know most of you have family dinners. Please, say no to shark fin. That's what I do. Even though my influence isn't as big as the celebs, I would at least know that I've done my part. I've not touched shark fin for a few years already. I mean come on! Shark fin doesn't taste good, it's just the soup really! Don't let innocent sharks die. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're fine and dandy. I forgot the exact numbers but they're comparable to pandas :/

Well. This is my take on the entire shark fin thing. I think I sound all over the place but I truly feel that we should stop consuming shark fins. If Cookie has anything to add she'll edit this post later on.

Here's the shark fin soap.

Shark fin soup, seasoned with sea salt and seaweed. (Y)

Please purchase this soap for a few dollars and do a good deed instead of forking out a ransom for the soup. All sales proceed goes to Shark Savers! It's for a good cause, remember that! *No sharks were harmed in the making of this soap*



Disclaimer : We are in NO WAY related to Shark Savers or LUSH. We truly believe that sharks need help and this message is coming from the bottom of our hearts. We do not gain anything from this!
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