Saturday, 30 April 2011

OOTD: Dolly Crochet Collar

Ohayo minna-san! This is what I wore yesterday for work. My apologies for the small mirror (again). I suppose I really ought to get a full-length mirror someday, though it seems rather narcissistic? ( 。_  。;)

For me, personally I have too much black/ navy clothes, because they're easier to match. I love red as well, but more as an accent color. How about you guys? What does your wardrobe look like?

Signing off,

Beauty Snippets : OILY skin vs DRY skin

This is a really random post, but it's something I've noticed for quite awhile. Mainly the oily VS the dry. Have all of you always noticed how the people with oily/combination skin complain about how irritating it is to have to constantly blot... To have their make up melting off their face... OR, the dry skin people complaining of flakiness, sensitive skin and tight painful sensations.

Tonight, or morning, I'm going to list down the usual few main advantages and disadvantages of having dry/oily skin.


The oily people :

Disadvantages -

X Prone to having enlarged pores
X Prone to having acne / blemishes / blackheads / clogged pores
X Prone to looking like a grease ball
X Make up is unable to last on face for long hours
X Make up will turn dull because of the excessive sebum

Advantages -

Usually do not have fine lines and are less prone to having wrinkles
Less prone to sensitivity from certain ingredients of a product (Alcohol for example)
With proper care, make up can look "dewy" / "glowy"


The dry people -

Disadvantages -

X Prone to having flaky skin
X Usually more sensitive towards ingredients of a product / product
X Can crack and bleed when under extreme weather conditions
X Extremely prone to skin damage (Aging, fine line, wrinkles)
X Prone to having a patchy make up base

Advantages -

With proper care, make up can stay on for hours
Generally easier to hydrate skin as opposed to controlling sebum
Usually doesn't break out or get clogged pores (Might occur if skin is sensitive)


As you can see, different skin types will have their own pros and cons. There's really nothing to compare unless you prefer to have sensitive skin over acne skin or greasy skin over flaky skin. I'm no exception. I used to whine all the time about being extremely oily and I still do at times. But what I've learnt is to accept our skin no matter what classification it falls under. It's okay to complain at times because it's still irritating to have my make up completely slide off my face! I am dead serious. Sometimes I can't find foundation/BB cream on my cotton pad!

We were born with it. We can't change it. So let's embrace it and do the best for our own skin and protect it.

All you readers, what are your concerns? Feel free to comment below and we'll help should you require any. We'll also give relevant tips if needed!

PS, Ringo and I are attending our very first official bloggers' workshop tomorrow! What is it about? Stay tuned to find out! O(≧∇≦)O

Have a nice weekend my lovelies!


Friday, 29 April 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Suddenly in love...

With this song. I have to say I am unable to completely comprehend the meaning behind the lyrics but I love the melody and her voice. Best of all, she's so pretty! Unfortunately I cannot understand her dialect...

I mentioned I love singing, so I'd love to hear songs of different styles and languages! Beware of the scream towards the end of the MV though, it can shock you!

Here's a screamless one for you!

She composed the melody of the song, isn't she just so talented? I have to add, she actually does a few make up tutorials on youtube. I actually found her on youtube because of her make up tutorials first as opposed to her real career. I thought she looked a little like Park Eun Hye from Pink Lipstick, the Korean drama. They both have really pretty and innocent features. Me want /.\

A make up tutorial by Yukiuava : Innocent Eye Make Up Part II (Part I is all the skincare only)

Another song from her that I quite liked too :

That's it from me for today! I have a make up tutorial coming up but first I need to find better lighting. Only the best for the readers of Domokie!

Enjoy your weekends !

Lotsa happiness,
Chiharu ❤

Sales : Etude house 30% off sales!

Gahh. Tired from work. I'm pretty down today so I can't be cheery and all for you guys/girls. (´~`) The sad life of a working teen *ahem adult*.

Just to let my readers know, the Korean brand Etude House is having a 30% off sale from 28th to 30th April! Get your goodies now! Plus they're quite generous with their samples too :)

I hauled a cream blusher from the miss tangerine series and a lip essence thingy, what are you getting?

This look was done with the Dollywink eyeshadow that I adore!


( ̄(エ) ̄)

Lotsa love and yawns,

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Ringo A Day: How I Eat My Fries

Today I joined the gaiz at the office for their Thursday run (they religiously go running every Tuesday & Thursday), and realized how unfit I am. OTL

The imbal ones ran two rounds, and the more chui ones like me ran and walked one round and went back to the office to game instead. D:

Played Marvel vs Capcom 3 and got seriously pwned!

The game screen gets a little messy with all the 3D elements, and the gameplay is a little slow compared to Street Fighter 4. But it's still fun to see characters like Amaterasu from Okami, Deathpool and Dante on the same screen.

And well, back to the topic at hand: how I eat my fries.

I love to eat it with lots of pepper and a bit of tartar sauce on top. It looks better and taste better.

Of course, I only do that to Macdonald's fries, because on their own they suck. They mostly taste bland, salty and mass-produced. I love their shaker fries though.

So that's all for today. I actually quite like the interior design of the new Macdonald's outlets.

Signing out,

A Ringo A Day: All my base is belong to Darth Vader

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I managed to sneak Darth Vader onto my work place's CPU yeah? And now, here be proof!

Darth Vader is too big to fit on top of my flat LCD monitor, so he shall watch me draw from the sidelines. I sometimes sacrifice newborns to him in hope that he will grant me special drawing powers.

Ignore the green apple pencil sharpener. I know it's terribly out of place but it's the only one I have. : c

Darth Vader is bigger than my Magnum20! The office guys gave me a black sketchbook, black eraser and black pencils for work. Design people really like black a lot, don't they?

Join the dark side as well!

Signing off,

Art WIP: Matchstick girl concept

A sneak-peek at one of my character designs for an animation short project. This is aside from work, and I'm feeling sort of accomplished, for being able to still draw after a whole day of drawing.

Still adapting to my work environment though. My pace of working is rather slow still, so I'm gonna have to buck up!

But whoots, loving my company so far! They have got game consoles in the office and the culture there is pretty casual. : D

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Finally it's my off day!


OMG OFF DAY! After working for so many days, I finally get to have one. *Punches fist into the air*

Currently catching up on all the shows I've been missing out on and Leverage is ending soon! Any of you watch the same shows I do? Like... Leverage, CSI, Glee, Supernatural and Vampire diaries!!! These are my absolute favorite and Parker from Leverage never fails to do something quirky to make me smile.

I have something personal that I'd have loved to share but then again, you'll never know who's stalking your blog so I'd better not! Let's just say, a bad main course can spoil your entire meal and experience at the restaurant. Of course, what I'm referring to is not food related at all.

I'll be having dinner at Ichiban later! Can't wait <3 Ringo and I absolutely adore Japanese food, we'll die without those! Will post up pictures to make allllllll of you hungry!

Let's end with an attempted camwhore shot!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Product Review : Koji Dollywink Eyeshadow #1 Sweet Dolly (Brown)

Ending work early isn't only just good for me, it's good for you peeps too! Because I get to do more reviews/giveaways/swatches! ( ゚▽゚)

This Koji Dollywink Eyeshadow in #1 Brown is one of my all time favorites. I'm a very neutral person, I love colors but I tend to reach out for this eyeshadow often to do a simple everyday/work look. The compact is really lovely and small/flat that it's really convenient to carry around for touch ups! Not to mention how cute it is too!

This is what it look's like.

See how adorable it is? Too bad my camera ain't good enough to do the product justice. The eyeshadows look a little washed out though and I suppose I have my table's florescent lighting to blame for that. It comes along with a spongetip applicator as you can see in the picture on the right. Sorry that mine's used because I used it to swatch the colors!

There're four colors in this palette and here are the long awaited swatches!

The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and has a buttery soft texture. If you observe carefully, it appears more pigmented on my arm as opposed to Ringo's. I have no idea why so I can't give you all an explanation. Maybe these shadows morph with skin colors? (゚Д゚|||) Since Ringo's paler, the eyeshadow decided not to be so contrasting on her pale *ahem ghostly white* skin? Nevertheless it's probably a good thing because that means it can show up on most people!

Once again don't let the swatches fool you, it's probably my florescent lighting that made them look somewhat frosty, especially the highlight color. I personally love the highlight color as it's soft enough to use as a cheek / brow bone / inner corner / cupid's bow highlight. Me love multi-tasking products. All of these are super creamy and lean towards being more warm. I'm not saying that cool toned people can't use this, hell I think it looks great on everyone and everyone should buy it!

In Singapore, this product can be found in Watsons but it's rarely in stock as it's quite loved by a lot of people. It retails for $32.90. Super awesome! If you can't get it in Watsons, you could (if you have) as your friends living in Japan / travelling to Japan to get one for you. It's worth it.

Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Pigmentation : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★(May the pictures speak for themselves!)
Application : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (A breeze with the spongetip applicator. Of course you can opt for brushes if you have any.)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (This is one of my MUST - HAVES. I love everything about it. Maybe gimme more?)

Me greedy! ( ´ ▽ ` )

Cheers and off to slack,
Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review thus it shall be somewhat empty.

Giveaway : Dejavu Lasting Fine Sample Sized Eyeliner!


I'm finally back early and feeling not as tired as usual ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

I also found out that...

Dejavu Singapore is having a giveaway to their fans on facebook! Like them and get your freebie now


Cheers and not going off yet,

* Note: 1 Sample request per address please. ONLY VALID FOR SINGAPORE ADRRESS.
** Pictures taken from Dejavu's FB page

OOTD: Red Paisley Print Dress With Black Cropped Cardigan

First day of work today! And I was almost late because I got lost (again). *facepalm*

It was really quite an exciting day for me, but I shan't weigh you guys down with trifle details, unless you guys volunteer to hear it. (● з ●)

Suffice to say, I'm really glad I chose this odd path, following my pipe dreams, though it means sacrificing quite a few other things.

Like sleep.

'Sleep is for the weak' is probably a lifestyle for most designers/ starving artists/ etc. My eyebags aren't too visible in the photos, but that's the power of makeup and a bad camera.


It's a rather normal outfit. Red paisley print dress and a cropped cardigan. They're both hand-me-downs from my mother, but I like wearing them anyway. They're comfortable, and I'm a sucker for comfort.

How about you guys? How was your day?

Signing off

Monday, 25 April 2011

Toys: May the force be with you

This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, but I didn’t manage to upload it because of my internet connection failing. OTL

Yesterday I went out with my drawing friends to discuss on our animation short project as well as get our mutual friend his birthday present. We didn’t manage to find one in the end (there were a few we were keeping in mind, but we procrastinated on getting them since our birthday boy was hella busy these few days).

In the end though, we ended up spending on toys ourselves (two of the three, anyway). But, the force was too strong!

Well, guess what we bought?


It’s from Simply Toys and Toys Outpost at Plaza Singapura.

Hint 2:

Yes, I’ve joined the dark side.

Hint 3- Okay lar, enough of games. I’ll just reveal it:

It’s a Bobble-head Darth Vader you can put on top of your monitor!


My friend got the Bobba Fett one. And we’re gonna place it at our workstation together and take a photo of it as proof. Lawl, it’s my first-day-of-work present in advance. (Is there even such a thing?)

And I managed to sneak it onto my workstation’s CPU (because the monitor is too thin).

Speaking of which, work was fun today. It’s a little intimidating to be working in a real game studio (albeit a small one) for the first time, but I’m going to give it my best!

So, please cheer for me too~

Product Review : Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner

どのように誰もがやっている? (  How is everyone doing? )

I haven't posted in awhile due to work... 私の仕事は私を疲れされている. But anyways, let's continue with the review and skip the ranting! The star product for today is the Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner!

A little information about the product first.

Kiehl's claims that this toner, formulated with select herbal extracts gently cleanses and soothes normal to oily skin types. It contains no alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents. It may also be used to soothe and improve problem areas.

Cool Kiehl’s Fact: The calendula petals in our unique formula are still inserted by hand in the Kiehl’s apothecary tradition to assure the most efficacious formula. *As taken from Kiehl's official website*

I own the deluxe size of this product which contains 40ml of the product. This is how it looks like.

As you can see, the bottle really does contain flower petals, hand plucked or not, I can't really tell. Just believe the website! The picture below will show you the ingredients of this toner.

The key ingredient in this toner is obviously the Calendula which is the oil extracted from the Marigold flower. Kiehl's website says that this ingredient has really mild properties that makes it ideal for oily skin types or even sensitive skin. It's supposed to soothe the skin and be especially beneficial for delicate skin.

Another key ingredient would be the Allantoin, which is a compound that is found in Comfrey Root. The comfrey plant is a hairy perennial Eurasian herb long used in herbal medicine. Known to be a bacteria inhibitor, Allantoin can soothe and reduce inflammation in various product formulations or in this case, the toner.

The last key ingredient would be the Great Burdock which is a gentle, natural ingredient known for centuries to help improve dry skin.

* All descriptions and/of key ingredients are taken from the Kiehl's official website

At this point, some of you may be confused. If it's meant for oily skin, why would it contain an ingredient meant for improving dry skin? It's basically because there's two kinds of oily. One is what we know as simply, oily. The other oily is caused by dry skin. And precisely because the skin is dry, "it" would "think" that it needs to secrete more sebum to protect "itself" hence the oiliness! I'm sorry if my explanation is unclear  but any queries can be directed to our email.

MY take on this product?

I have been religiously using my deluxe sample for quite awhile now and I've almost finished using the entire bottle. To be honest, it really is very very soothing. I am quite sure that people with more irritated and red skin would love it. I have a combination skin that leans more towards being oily and I have to say that this toner doesn't help in controlling oil at all. I don't break out often nor do I have sensitive skin. After using this toner, I haven't seen any significant results but I really did like the soothing scent of this toner that smells particularly like herbal tea. The pleasant kind, not the bitter ones!

To appreciate it, I think you'd need to have sensitive skin or skin that is very prone to having redness or breakouts. I suggest trying a sample from Kiehl's first before purchasing. Do note that this sample is rather hard to come by but you can always try your luck! I will continue using this product especially when it's towards that time of the month to see how well it works. I'll do an update if necessary.

It does help a little in keeping my skin clear but I honestly cannot justify forking out a whopping $110 for a toner... If you can, then I suppose you can try it! You can see the current promotion of Kiehl's in the recent Kiehl's post that I did up~

Scent : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (I really like the scent!)
Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Really lightweight, absorbs easily)
Effectiveness : ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Did nothing for me so far)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (2.5 stars actually. An average toner? It does hydrate like any other toner would.)

Also, take note that this toner comes in three sizes, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml. It costs $58, $78 and $110 respectively. Am not really sure but will double confirm again! I really wouldn't recommend the smallest size because it's really too pricey for a toner. I wouldn't be able to justify my purchase. Get a sample or get the biggest bottle!

Cheers and goodnight,
Chiharu ❤

(> " " <)
( ='o'= )

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review so there's no need to state anything here!.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

OOTD: Navy Blue and Pink Ribbon Print Dress

最近どうですか? (How are you gaiz recently?)

It’s an outfit post from me again! Sorry about the picture quality, as this was taken from the phone, and at a rather odd angle as well. But I just love this new outfit, even though I seem to spill stuff on it rather regularly. First it was soy milk, then it was my own saliva (from when I sneezed). σ(TεT;)

I wore this out today to meet a friend. Ate at Go! Go! Curry! (with the gorilla mascot) for lunch, and takoyaki for… dessert? Oyster mee sua for dinner! *contented*

And I wore the twin pigtails out for whatever reason, wth. Now just censor it out with your imagination.

Back to the outfit: I love it (have I already told you that?). It’s cheap because I’m a cheapskate who only buys cheap clothes. The dress is $15, and the navy blue stockings were from Daiso. This was from the same shopping trip as the last outfit post, so you can probably guess where it came from.

Bugis Street is my secret treasure trove, dude.

I love the ribbons print coupled with the dark navy blue ‘preppy’ cardigan. It’s surprisingly comfortable as well. It was bought from a stall that’s on the first level, near the main entrance of Bugis Street. And they say they bring in new designs once a week/ month! (can’t remember exactly)

I’m probably gonna be their regular from now on. ヾ(゜ω゜;)

Aye, that’s all from me for today!

Event : 100 Volunteers Challenge!

On 17th April, Ringo and I went down to Tampines Mall to take part in the Bio-essence 100 volunteers challenge. Here's the picture for more details!

Image taken from Bio-essence's FB!

Basically what you're supposed to do is to just bring along any toner of your choice so "compete" against the Bio-essence Bird Nest Nutri-collagen & Whitening Advancer (toner) to see which is more hydrating for the skin. Also, Linda Chung, a Hong Kong artiste was invited to be the guest of honor. It's really no joke that her skin is so clear and snowy up close! Really super tall and beautiful! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Linda poking her face and talking about the benefits of the bird nest toner! 

I'm really sorry I that I didn't get better pictures but I was one of the girls invited up on stage for the challenge so I had to stand strictly at the side of the stage. Same goes for Ringo so none of us could take better pictures!

I actually bought the famous Hada Labo hydrating lotion for the challenge and guess what? It lost. T__T Whyyy! My beloved and trusted toner lost! I forgot to take pictures of the results but the bio-essence bird nest & nutriv-collagen advancer improved the moisture level of my skin by about 50% more than the hada labo one! I'm not trashing my toner though, nor buying the bio-essence one yet because I have a few other toners to try out and I'll be reviewing one soon! I promise!

Going on stage with a huge pimple was still rewarding! I happened to be seated in front of Linda and she touched me! ◕ ‿ ◕ Okay, the touch was just her measuring the moisture level of my hands. Nothing weird! Also we were given a goodie bag each!


Tada ~ !

With the boxes on!
Without boxes, the sachet on the extreme right is the sample of a BB that I will also be reviewing soon!

Individual product pictures : 

I personally haven't used the products yet. Will review them when I do! The BB cream in the sachet will be reviewed soon though because I own the retail sized one! The aqua BB will also be reviewed soon cause I also have the retail sized one even before I went for this event.

I'm sorry if the post is a little too general, I'm too tired from working! o(╥﹏╥)o


Lotsa love,

Thursday, 21 April 2011

DIY Craft: Lacy Ribbon Shoes

I saw this pair hime-gyaru inspired shoes on sale about a week or so ago, for $23.90. The second time I wore it out, the ribbon decoration on the left side fell out! ΩДΩ!!

So, being the crafty person that I am, I decided to head to Daiso during their closing hour, and bought some ribbons to decorate my currently naked shoe(s). I love the selection of lace & ribbons they have there! Uber kawaii~

Ahh~ Even their packaging is cute!

The red postbox + fire hydrant wooden toy is extraneous. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll make them into necklaces later on, if I get over my laziness. `)

*Sniffles* My poor abused shoe~

Now, to make them equal…

This isn't exactly a craft tutorial, but it's so simple I bet you guys can figure it out just looking at the photos anyway~

Well, firstly, grab some lace…
Obligatory "grabbing lace" photo here.
Then measure and cut a length of lace ribbon enough for a bow. Repeat for the other side. Finally sew the middle together with some thread.

The top is the sewn ribbon. Bottom is incomplete, duh~

Then, add some magic sparkles and your bow is complete!
Repeat for the blue ribbon, and top it off with a tiny length of chartreuse green ribbon.

Then paste it clumsily onto your naked shoes with excessive amounts of glue.

Tadah~ You’re done! (@°°@)

Easy ne?

Phew, no more nekkid shoes~

Now my shoes are whole and cute. Well, perhaps not hime-gyaru as the original one, but at least I won’t have to throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes! ( o u o )

Moral of the story: Super glue everything that you don’t want to fall off!

I'm gonna spam Superglue on my shoes from now on~ ( Θ ェ Θ )
That's all from me for now. Mata ne, minna san!~ 

Signing off,

Clothes Galore: Cute Red Indian Print Tee

One of my top places to shop is Bugis Street, located right opposite Bugis Junction. It's probably Singapore's largest shopping street, home to more than 600 shops (and probably more since they have expanded), in just a relatively tiny location.

It can be unbelievably packed during the weekends though, so I like to shop there during quieter periods such as weekday mornings (ahh, the privilege of a NEET/ fresh grad). The first floor is non air-conditioned, and sell food snacks as well as cheap clothes, whereas the second floor is air-conditioned and is home to some pretty neat fashion boutiques.

I found this top in a store selling other such print-inspired tops. My phone camera doesn't do justice to the colors, but this is a cream-based cotton tee with a silk-screened design on it. The material feels comfortable and the cutting is rather unique as well. The best part? It's only $10!

The skirt is a tightly-woven cashmere skirt that was passed to me from my mom. It's a soft gray brown that goes well with neutral schemes and short tops.

So that's my outfit for 'mugging' (slang for studying), although I'm a junior game artist so my mugging is really just outdoor sketching. (-ω- ) The material is really comfy in Singapore's weather though!

Eh, just a short post to show off a new addition to my closet~ That's all from me for now. Mata ne!~
ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

Signing off,

Product Review: Maybelline Limited Edition Spring Blossoms Pure Mineral Two-way Foundation

Isn't the packaging just precious? It even has a Swarovski crystal on it!

I must admit – this was probably an impulse buy for us! I personally have had a few other 2-way foundations lying around, but when you see beautiful packaging like this, you just gotta grab it!

This retailed in Watsons at a ludicrous price of $19.90 for both the casing and the refill. The usual retail price would be $27.90 (refill - $19.90, casing - $8.00), so in essence, this pretty sakura blossom casing comes free.

Chiharu, who is a NC-20, got the OC 1 shade. I’m a NC-15, and I got the PO 1 shade. Let me describe our skin types briefly. Chiharu has oily combination skin and I have acne-prone combination skin with super dry cheeks. Her skin undertone is tanner and more neutral, whereas I have warm yellow skin undertone which turn out bluish in photographs (because I’m so pale my vein colors show! OTL).

It's a little dark on my skin here (bottom), since this is the pale underside of my arm.

But it blends out pretty well!

For me personally, PO 1 was a tad reddish for my undertone, but it blends out rather well. On Chiharu, OC 1 blends out perfectly, I think. What I love about this product is its smooth, delicate texture, as this is a mineral make-up, and the powder is finely-milled.

Those with sensitive skin or dry skin like mine can rest at ease as the product does not contain any preservatives, fragrances or oil. Best of all, it has a light, breathable texture as the lightweight micro-minerals give a smooth satin finish that doesn’t clog pores or appear cakey.

I think it minimizes the appearance of pores, but has a light coverage.

Don't laugh. I don't know what I'm looking so shocked about.
But notice that it reduces my dark eye circles.

However, those looking for a foundation with higher coverage might be disappointed. Maybelline Pure Mineral 2-Way Foundation has a light coverage that is suitable for a ‘no make-up’ make-up, but provides little coverage as a foundation. For me, I use this as a setting powder over a high-coverage BB cream base, so it’s fine by me. You may also want to build up the coverage by putting on more layers, but I do find that to be too troublesome for me.

As for lasting power, for people with oilier skin living near the equator like Chiharu & me, this product will quickly slide off your skin. This calls for more touch-ups, which I personally find irksome. Otherwise though, this is a decent mineral 2-way foundation for its price.

Texture: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (No complains about this – it’s finely-milled and smooth.)
Coverage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Light to Medium coverage, but can be built upon.)
Lasting Power: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Not its strong point. Especially if you have oily skin type.)
Overall: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Consider it a 3.5. Love the affordability and texture, but dislike its lack of lasting power.)

Signing off,
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