Thursday, 21 April 2011

Clothes Galore: Cute Red Indian Print Tee

One of my top places to shop is Bugis Street, located right opposite Bugis Junction. It's probably Singapore's largest shopping street, home to more than 600 shops (and probably more since they have expanded), in just a relatively tiny location.

It can be unbelievably packed during the weekends though, so I like to shop there during quieter periods such as weekday mornings (ahh, the privilege of a NEET/ fresh grad). The first floor is non air-conditioned, and sell food snacks as well as cheap clothes, whereas the second floor is air-conditioned and is home to some pretty neat fashion boutiques.

I found this top in a store selling other such print-inspired tops. My phone camera doesn't do justice to the colors, but this is a cream-based cotton tee with a silk-screened design on it. The material feels comfortable and the cutting is rather unique as well. The best part? It's only $10!

The skirt is a tightly-woven cashmere skirt that was passed to me from my mom. It's a soft gray brown that goes well with neutral schemes and short tops.

So that's my outfit for 'mugging' (slang for studying), although I'm a junior game artist so my mugging is really just outdoor sketching. (-ω- ) The material is really comfy in Singapore's weather though!

Eh, just a short post to show off a new addition to my closet~ That's all from me for now. Mata ne!~
ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

Signing off,

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