Saturday, 23 April 2011

Event : 100 Volunteers Challenge!

On 17th April, Ringo and I went down to Tampines Mall to take part in the Bio-essence 100 volunteers challenge. Here's the picture for more details!

Image taken from Bio-essence's FB!

Basically what you're supposed to do is to just bring along any toner of your choice so "compete" against the Bio-essence Bird Nest Nutri-collagen & Whitening Advancer (toner) to see which is more hydrating for the skin. Also, Linda Chung, a Hong Kong artiste was invited to be the guest of honor. It's really no joke that her skin is so clear and snowy up close! Really super tall and beautiful! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Linda poking her face and talking about the benefits of the bird nest toner! 

I'm really sorry I that I didn't get better pictures but I was one of the girls invited up on stage for the challenge so I had to stand strictly at the side of the stage. Same goes for Ringo so none of us could take better pictures!

I actually bought the famous Hada Labo hydrating lotion for the challenge and guess what? It lost. T__T Whyyy! My beloved and trusted toner lost! I forgot to take pictures of the results but the bio-essence bird nest & nutriv-collagen advancer improved the moisture level of my skin by about 50% more than the hada labo one! I'm not trashing my toner though, nor buying the bio-essence one yet because I have a few other toners to try out and I'll be reviewing one soon! I promise!

Going on stage with a huge pimple was still rewarding! I happened to be seated in front of Linda and she touched me! ◕ ‿ ◕ Okay, the touch was just her measuring the moisture level of my hands. Nothing weird! Also we were given a goodie bag each!


Tada ~ !

With the boxes on!
Without boxes, the sachet on the extreme right is the sample of a BB that I will also be reviewing soon!

Individual product pictures : 

I personally haven't used the products yet. Will review them when I do! The BB cream in the sachet will be reviewed soon though because I own the retail sized one! The aqua BB will also be reviewed soon cause I also have the retail sized one even before I went for this event.

I'm sorry if the post is a little too general, I'm too tired from working! o(╥﹏╥)o


Lotsa love,

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