Saturday, 23 April 2011

OOTD: Navy Blue and Pink Ribbon Print Dress

最近どうですか? (How are you gaiz recently?)

It’s an outfit post from me again! Sorry about the picture quality, as this was taken from the phone, and at a rather odd angle as well. But I just love this new outfit, even though I seem to spill stuff on it rather regularly. First it was soy milk, then it was my own saliva (from when I sneezed). σ(TεT;)

I wore this out today to meet a friend. Ate at Go! Go! Curry! (with the gorilla mascot) for lunch, and takoyaki for… dessert? Oyster mee sua for dinner! *contented*

And I wore the twin pigtails out for whatever reason, wth. Now just censor it out with your imagination.

Back to the outfit: I love it (have I already told you that?). It’s cheap because I’m a cheapskate who only buys cheap clothes. The dress is $15, and the navy blue stockings were from Daiso. This was from the same shopping trip as the last outfit post, so you can probably guess where it came from.

Bugis Street is my secret treasure trove, dude.

I love the ribbons print coupled with the dark navy blue ‘preppy’ cardigan. It’s surprisingly comfortable as well. It was bought from a stall that’s on the first level, near the main entrance of Bugis Street. And they say they bring in new designs once a week/ month! (can’t remember exactly)

I’m probably gonna be their regular from now on. ヾ(゜ω゜;)

Aye, that’s all from me for today!

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