Thursday, 21 April 2011

DIY Craft: Lacy Ribbon Shoes

I saw this pair hime-gyaru inspired shoes on sale about a week or so ago, for $23.90. The second time I wore it out, the ribbon decoration on the left side fell out! ΩДΩ!!

So, being the crafty person that I am, I decided to head to Daiso during their closing hour, and bought some ribbons to decorate my currently naked shoe(s). I love the selection of lace & ribbons they have there! Uber kawaii~

Ahh~ Even their packaging is cute!

The red postbox + fire hydrant wooden toy is extraneous. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll make them into necklaces later on, if I get over my laziness. `)

*Sniffles* My poor abused shoe~

Now, to make them equal…

This isn't exactly a craft tutorial, but it's so simple I bet you guys can figure it out just looking at the photos anyway~

Well, firstly, grab some lace…
Obligatory "grabbing lace" photo here.
Then measure and cut a length of lace ribbon enough for a bow. Repeat for the other side. Finally sew the middle together with some thread.

The top is the sewn ribbon. Bottom is incomplete, duh~

Then, add some magic sparkles and your bow is complete!
Repeat for the blue ribbon, and top it off with a tiny length of chartreuse green ribbon.

Then paste it clumsily onto your naked shoes with excessive amounts of glue.

Tadah~ You’re done! (@°°@)

Easy ne?

Phew, no more nekkid shoes~

Now my shoes are whole and cute. Well, perhaps not hime-gyaru as the original one, but at least I won’t have to throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes! ( o u o )

Moral of the story: Super glue everything that you don’t want to fall off!

I'm gonna spam Superglue on my shoes from now on~ ( Θ ェ Θ )
That's all from me for now. Mata ne, minna san!~ 

Signing off,

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