Monday, 25 April 2011

Toys: May the force be with you

This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, but I didn’t manage to upload it because of my internet connection failing. OTL

Yesterday I went out with my drawing friends to discuss on our animation short project as well as get our mutual friend his birthday present. We didn’t manage to find one in the end (there were a few we were keeping in mind, but we procrastinated on getting them since our birthday boy was hella busy these few days).

In the end though, we ended up spending on toys ourselves (two of the three, anyway). But, the force was too strong!

Well, guess what we bought?


It’s from Simply Toys and Toys Outpost at Plaza Singapura.

Hint 2:

Yes, I’ve joined the dark side.

Hint 3- Okay lar, enough of games. I’ll just reveal it:

It’s a Bobble-head Darth Vader you can put on top of your monitor!


My friend got the Bobba Fett one. And we’re gonna place it at our workstation together and take a photo of it as proof. Lawl, it’s my first-day-of-work present in advance. (Is there even such a thing?)

And I managed to sneak it onto my workstation’s CPU (because the monitor is too thin).

Speaking of which, work was fun today. It’s a little intimidating to be working in a real game studio (albeit a small one) for the first time, but I’m going to give it my best!

So, please cheer for me too~

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