Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beauty Snippets : OILY skin vs DRY skin

This is a really random post, but it's something I've noticed for quite awhile. Mainly the oily VS the dry. Have all of you always noticed how the people with oily/combination skin complain about how irritating it is to have to constantly blot... To have their make up melting off their face... OR, the dry skin people complaining of flakiness, sensitive skin and tight painful sensations.

Tonight, or morning, I'm going to list down the usual few main advantages and disadvantages of having dry/oily skin.


The oily people :

Disadvantages -

X Prone to having enlarged pores
X Prone to having acne / blemishes / blackheads / clogged pores
X Prone to looking like a grease ball
X Make up is unable to last on face for long hours
X Make up will turn dull because of the excessive sebum

Advantages -

Usually do not have fine lines and are less prone to having wrinkles
Less prone to sensitivity from certain ingredients of a product (Alcohol for example)
With proper care, make up can look "dewy" / "glowy"


The dry people -

Disadvantages -

X Prone to having flaky skin
X Usually more sensitive towards ingredients of a product / product
X Can crack and bleed when under extreme weather conditions
X Extremely prone to skin damage (Aging, fine line, wrinkles)
X Prone to having a patchy make up base

Advantages -

With proper care, make up can stay on for hours
Generally easier to hydrate skin as opposed to controlling sebum
Usually doesn't break out or get clogged pores (Might occur if skin is sensitive)


As you can see, different skin types will have their own pros and cons. There's really nothing to compare unless you prefer to have sensitive skin over acne skin or greasy skin over flaky skin. I'm no exception. I used to whine all the time about being extremely oily and I still do at times. But what I've learnt is to accept our skin no matter what classification it falls under. It's okay to complain at times because it's still irritating to have my make up completely slide off my face! I am dead serious. Sometimes I can't find foundation/BB cream on my cotton pad!

We were born with it. We can't change it. So let's embrace it and do the best for our own skin and protect it.

All you readers, what are your concerns? Feel free to comment below and we'll help should you require any. We'll also give relevant tips if needed!

PS, Ringo and I are attending our very first official bloggers' workshop tomorrow! What is it about? Stay tuned to find out! O(≧∇≦)O

Have a nice weekend my lovelies!


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