Saturday, 19 January 2013

*Achievement Unlocked : Namecard Acquired*

Good morning everyone~~~ It is now 1AM.

While traversing across the Lush land of this fantastical world, we rode on the backs of adorable sharks and met with other journeymen. Apparently they had this ancient culture of exchanging cards with weird runes and numbers on them. (One of the symbols was this squibbly '@'.) When we returned to our abode, we immediately proceeded to craft one of our own.

Lo and behold, this is our marvelous (or so I do say myself) result:

We simply must put this new creation of ours to the test. Should any of you cross swords with us, we would be happy to engage in this weird exchange of runes with you.

Engarde, honorable adventurers, until we meet again,


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