Monday, 14 January 2013

Product Review : JustUme Fiber Plum

Annyeonggggg~~~ I'm so sleepy right now but I must finish this post!

So. For the first time. I'm reviewing a product that MIGHT somehow cause weight loss ;D How many of you have eaten too much over the holidays? AND, CNY is coming next month! We all love food right? We still wanna eat right?

Here's a solution! (I can't assure you that it'll work 100%)

Introducting the JustUme Fiber Plum!

JustUme Fiber Plum (comes in a fruit/plum form) is targeted for digestion and inner cleansing (promote bowel movement). Made of Japanese Umeboshi Plum, Probiotics and Plants extract, JustUme is a natural choice for those people for experience constipation, poor digestion, bloating, gas, bad breath, poor complexion, water retention and weak immunity. Result can be seen within 1-2 days and it is natural.

At this point I'd like to add, do NOT consume this if you are going out after your meal. Unless you are positive that there's always a toilet available for your comfortable usage.

Here's all the nutrition info but I'm not really a healthy living kinda person and I can't really comprehend this :/

The plum comes packaged individually so you can bring this out or overseas easily. If you're going home after a meal outside, take this with ease as it does not activate its magical powers so soon.

Yeap. That's it. It's a plum that's covered in some powder on the outside. I believe the powder makes it tastes bitter though. However when you finish eating the powder covered part it's just a sourish and slightly sweet plum. It's quite big though so chew through it slowly!

Now why did I say it MIGHT help in weight loss? It really really aids in digestion! It works somewhat like the slimming tea that causes you to run to the toilet a few minutes later but SLOWER. And all natural! Personally I've found that my own body takes 4 hours or so to feel the toilet urge. It comes on as a gradual tummyache before you realize that you MUST find the toilet or you'll explode. I recommend doing the business at home as you will let out quite an amount of gas.

I can't say for sure if it'll help you shed a lot of pounds but it kept my weight in check over the days I've consumed it while having hearty meals. If you're constipated, this will help you for sure.

Is this a must buy? If you're someone looking to lose weight, I'd still recommend the exercise + eat less but healthily kinda way instead of using this product. If you're someone who's comfortable with your weight but have big meals once in a while, you can take this to prevent your weight from rising I suppose. And if you're constipated, do try it :D

Please note that the above paragraph is based on my own assumptions luh. Except for the constipated part, this will definitely help you poo.

I can't really rate this product but it does what it claims to do thus it's a 5 star? Also I don't know the price of this item so you'll have to check it out yourself!


Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for trial purposes and did not have to be reviewed. I however choose to share what I've tried! This review is 100% honest :D

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