Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Event : Talika Cream Booster

Hello my lovely Domokies! How have all of ya been doing?

On this particularly windy day, I'm going to share with you an event that I went to weeks ago with Catherine!

Of course, I sat with her as well~

We were one of the first few to arrive so we had to time to chit chat and take quite a few shots!

Our very full table :D Lovely bloggers with a common love for dogs! The topic had us blabbering away for a really long time too.

Let's not forget the stuff in front of us, the Talika Cream Booster itself!

The metal part with the word Talika is for you to rest your fingers on.

L - Off / R - On

This little cream booster vibrates and emits a yellowish light. If you all don't know yet, yellow LED light stimulates the production of COLLAGEN.

It makes use of three different kinds of technologies :

  • Ionotherapy
  • Micro-Vibration
  • Photo Therapy

Well the main reason I'm not sharing more info is because I'll be reviewing the product soon! Very very soon, I've started using it already :D Of course if you're an eager beaver, you can always do a google check to find out more first!

This is our friendly speaker for the day. He super patiently answered EVERYONE's queries and went from table to table just to clarify any doubts we might have. He also explained a lot about the product in detail and allowed us to understand it more ~ Before he started the presentation, I was fumbling about with the device because I wasn't quite sure of how to use it yet!

Of course, how can I forget food?!

Some pizza ish thing that I don't really know. But it looks like a pizza.

Awesome gyoza!

Crunchy golden brown samosa~

Cakes galore!

Lastly, my ultimate favorite! CHEESECAKE.

This event was super cozy and fun, we all got to interact with each other and it was simply enjoyable :D

Review is coming soon soon soon, remember to stay tuned to it, along with a giveaway held in conjunction with our dearest Ringo's birthday!

Chiharu ❤


  1. Wow ! They actually give u all tt cream booster ??

  2. Hi Mimi, yes they did! Just one cream booster, not all that you see there :D


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