Sunday, 16 October 2011

Product Review : Talika Cream Booster

If you all read THIS POST earlier, you'd know that I've received this product to review!

The how to use is on the front of the box and by daily skincare product, it refers to your cream! This cream booster should not be used alone, otherwise you might not see any effects at all.

That's the metal panel thing that you're supposed to rest your finger on.

It will activate the booster so you'll get that yellow light you see in the picture.

This booster makes use of three technologies as I've mentioned previously :

"IONOTHERAPY increases permeability of the skin, allowing active ingredients to penetrate directly to the targeted zone, and then tightening pores after absorption so that ingredients remain active within the cells. Cellular metabolic activity is stimulated and ingredients are delivered and perform in depth, rather than on the
surface of the skin.

MICRO-VIBRATION external massage of the skin accelerates blood and lymphatic circulation, causing increased cellular exchanges and enhanced cell function.

PHOTO THERAPY yellow LED on wavelength 590nm heals deep within the dermis level of the skin by activating fibroblasts and stimulating collagen synthesis. On the surface, visible results include the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and dissipation of spots and redness." - Extracted from the Press Release sent to me by Talika.

This is how I use my cream booster, instead of only using it like the way it's mentioned on the box, I do a few extra steps. Following the direction of the arrow, continuously move the booster upwards to firm and lift your skin. I swear it works in giving you a slimmer V shaped face. Also, you can use this on your laugh lines to "disperse/soften" it. It will look less obvious instantly too.

Then again, I am positive that there will be people saying stuff like... You're just twenty, how saggy can your skin be?! Here's the secret, my mom "stole" my cream booster to use =/

Verdict? She loved it! She agreed that it helps to firm her skin too and give her a slimmer face. She also listened to my tip and used this on her laugh lines, it works like a charm! Of course I'd recommend a good firming/lifting cream to go along for best effects. She even asked if there's a bigger version because this cream booster's pretty small and she wants something that can cover a bigger surface area. Perhaps Talika can look into that!

You'll also notice that your cream will get rapidly absorbed, leaving your skin really plump and soft. One thing I must warn everyone is that you must ensure the usage of a sufficient amount of cream. Otherwise, dragging this across dry skin will equate to tugging and pulling and that leads to saggy skin.

The down side of this product other than the size is...

Yeap, it's a whopping $179. If you're 20, I wouldn't say it's a must to get this. However if you're of a more mature age and facing problems with saggy skin or wrinkles, this will be a good buy. Of course, I'm not going to tell anyone to skip meals to get this product. Get this if you have the money to, or gradually save up for it!

If you're looking for other forms of light therapy, you can always visit Talika to see what kind of products they have! Alternatively, if you're waiting for a discount that I'm sure will come along once in a while (maybe), check out their Facebook page!

Because this is not your usual product, it won't be having the usual ratings. I personally give it a 4/5 stars with one star off for the price.

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes by Talika Singapore. It does not affect the honesty of my review in any way. Do take note that results may vary with individuals as all of us have different skin / ages.

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