Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Product Review : Dentiste' Plus White Night-Time Toothpaste

Have been MIA-ing for pretty long! Like really MIA because even Ringo hardly sees me > o < Busy busy, I finally got a second shot at my dream job! I'll make it known once I succeed =/

Today, I'm going to review something that's not commonly reviewed on Domokie!

Yes omg, it's tooth paste!

This Dentiste' Plus White Night-Time Toothpaste is supposed to be quick, effective and safe in doing da stuff you see above.

That's the description.

So why is this night time toothpaste so special? Why can't we just stick to regular toothpaste we see all around us?

Well, it's just like how we have day cream vs night cream. Not the same way but a similar theory. If you realize, when you brush in the morning, you shouldn't have much of a bad breath problem at all throughout the day. However, even if we brush right before we sleep, we usually still wake up to BAD BREATH. I'm not sure if you guys do, but I do. And I don't like to say it out in public because I still brush in the day!

So having the opportunity to try this toothpaste, I was super excited to know that there's salvation for morning bad breath!

"What is Dentiste’?

  • The only effective Night-Time Toothpaste
  • Control oral bacteria effectively to give you a fresh morning breath. It also leads to a good oral and body health. Bad morning breath is a symptom of oral disease.
  • Uses natural ingredients and effective packaging technology from Germany. Quality can sustain a longer period

Who should use Dentiste ?

Whilst Dentiste is suitable for people suffering from bad morning breath, it is also for people who want to get healthier since oral bacteria causing bad smell can easily induce other diseases.

  • People with bad morning breath, insufficient sleep, and stressful working environment
  • People who travel a lot and PREGNANT WOMEN
  • Brain, oral, cardiovascular, lung, kidney, spinal cord, and diabetic patients"
Extracted from Confirm Trading's Website.

So erm, unlike your regular white and creamy toothpaste, this one's blue, gel-ish and still creamy! It also has glittery bits in it :D I find it a joy to use simply because I'm weirdly attracted to pretty blue with glitters.

Worry not however, for you will not get a glitter bomb smile or a blue one after using this toothpaste. In fact, you should be glad for this blue toothpaste. Similarly to how a blue eyeliner will make your eye whites look whiter, a blue toothpaste will whiten your teeth! Of course you'll have to brush at least twice a day for that to happen. I know of people who don't brush at least twice a day and I'm like ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━!!!

Also, I noted that with prolonged usage of this toothpaste, morning bad breath really is reduced. I wouldn't say it's completely gone but it's definitely reduced. This toothpaste also "taste fresher" than my regular toothpaste. It's very minty yet it doesn't give me the choking / stinging feeling. It's a pretty refreshing burst of mint in your mouth.

I can't really remember how much this cost but you can check it out at your nearest Watsons or ask Confirm Trading on their FB page. Also, I can't really rate this as per usual because this is a toothpaste. If I had to give it an overall, it'd prolly be a 4/5 stars. And really seriously, I'm going to repurchase this when mine runs out. Blue tooth paste is AWESOME.

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes by Confirm Trading. It does not affect the honesty of my review in any way.


  1. What happened in the morning? That's the whole reason for this toothpaste but you didn't tell me about it :(

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