Friday, 23 September 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Fat women, losers?!

Ya all know I've only been to one slimming center in my entire life, because of the "free session" I supposedly won from some Facebook game. Ya'all have seen my honest review and how disgusted I was at such a service. Even till today, there are people who FB messaged me / comment on my post and about that slimming center.

Gradually, I forgot about them since they're not a significant part of my life.

And then, I saw this on my TV.

Initially, I thought it was some kinda drama. Or perhaps something to battle depression. Till the weight part came in. I was absolutely disgusted. Fine, we all live in the cold cruel reality but does it really have to go to this extent? My mother who is a fitness freak didn't like this advertisement as well. If you go to the direct link for this video, you can see the number of dislikes for it.

You can say maybe it's because I'm a girl. But the worst part to me was the husband. If going along with the concept of this video, fat = okay to be yelled at by husband. I have a lot of opinions on this but I thought it was pointless since I can't really barge into LWM and tell them my opinions and blah.

So once again, I forgot about it.

But someone showed me this thread :

Which is why I'm here writing this post. I can't seem to find the original because it's deleted already if I'm not wrong. And I don't blame the author, after all who wants a lawsuit? I think everyone should head over there and see what people have discussed, of course there are still trolls over there. Supporters, haters, everything. The important thing is the essence of the message.

I'm not the sexiest woman or slimmest person on earth. In fact I think I'm kinda chubby. Or feel free to call me fat if you're mean. But I don't stand up for such stuff. If my future husband ever dare to do that to me after I've carried his baby for 9 months AND delivered it, I'll *insert your imagination here*.

If you're fat / overweight / chubby / obese and reading this, don't give up on yourself. Don't succumb to whatever marketing gimmicks / slimming pills out there. I'm a lazy bum but I'm telling you, exercise, eat fit and move around. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. Hell if your boss fires you and his reason is that you're fat, go to MOM or something. FAT WOMEN ARE NOT LOSERS.

In fact, all fat people are not losers. I've seen happy fat people, popular fat people and in my opinion, they're really cute and friendly most of the time. Certainly not depressed, suicidal or bullied. I think this blog post is really random because it was sparked by outrage and disgust. Read the thread to find out more and stay motivated!


Chiharu ❤

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