Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Nando's!

Okay. You can call me a mountain tortoise, a frog in a well, whatever you'd prefer but yes, I've never eaten Nando's before till recently. In fact, I never knew it exists! I'm the kinda girl who likes to chillax at areas near me and Nando's is nowhere near where I stay!

At the age of 20, I finally got my pudgy hands on it!

Yeap, apparently they are famous for their flame grilled Peri-peri chicken and their Peri-peri sauce. Not sure if I got it right!

Their sauces ain't no joke. It's fiery burning hot! I can't take the heat but I just like the excitement of something spicy. It just tingles your taste buds! If you're someone who can't really take the heat, you might want to take it easy on your first try.

Ordered the hot flame grilled Peri-peri chicken! I chose the drum side because to me, that's the most tender part of a chicken. I'm not really a healthy girl :/ I generally hate chicken breasts because it's really dry but Nando's proved me wrong. Theirs was surprisingly tender! Initially I thought the chicken would be hard and dry too because a lot of places cook that kinda chicken that I don't like.

Ordered Peri-peri chips just because the boy recommended it. Pretty okay fries, but yea they're just fries.

Their potato salad is my absolute favorite! Instead of chunky monkey big potatoes, they give you small baby potatoes! Call me crazy but I think small baby potatoes are adorable. You can just pop the entire thing into your mouth :D

I had to order a drink. I really had to. Otherwise I'd have melted from the heat and further evaporate~ This apple soda thingy is a really cool drink that just refreshes your taste buds :D And I love apple, they have little chewy bits in the drink to add texture.

This isn't really a food review, I'm just sharing what I thought. I hope the pictures are well taken enough to make you hungry :D And once I master my super easy to cook Cha Soba and Tsuyu sauce, I'll be posting it up here so all of ya can enjoy too~

Chiharu ❤

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