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Product Review : Kinohimitsu BB Drink

Hi my Domokies! Apparently my kick to Ringo has been unsuccessful because I'm back and she's not! She's still busy with work unfortunately but I've managed to date her for Glee the 3D movie! Mega excited and I can't wait to see Lea! She's my idol~ Her voice is absolutely incredible!

Must not let review post mutate into Gleeky post! I shall gleek out in another post so that those who are not interested in that aspect can sit out on it!

Today's post will be on...

The Kinohimitsu BB Drink!

6 bottles to consume for a period of 6 days :D

So what's this BB drink all about?

"The key to gorgeous looks is to have healthy, glowing skin. Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink is a functional, instant drink that helps restore your skin’s natural glow and clarity - not only on the face but the entire body, including the back, hands and legs.

Infused with hydrolysed bird’s nest, chicken cartilage (a source of hyaluronic acid) and fermented yeast (a source of co-enzyme Q10, CoQ10), Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink is a healthy and effective solution to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate every single cell in your body by giving rich, healthful nutrients to promote a baby-like rosy complexion." - Taken from Kinohimitsu.

The ingredients list as usual! I was posed with a question some time ago with regards to the bird nest in this BB drink. Logically, if you wanted to drink bird nests, why should you get this instead of those normal bird nest drink?

Well the bird nest powder you see in the ingredients list isn't just like any other bird nest. It's HYDROLYZED bird nest.

"Hydrolyzed bird nest is a Japan-patented ingredient (Patent No.: JP2003-095961; JP2005-206547; JP2002-068988). Bird’s Nest is rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), sialic acid (200 times higher than royal jelly), amino acids and minerals which are essential to promote skin cell regeneration, enhance skin healing and promote youthful-looking skin. It is produced via an enzymatic process at a small molecule size for effective and optimum absorption without using any chemicals and bleaching agents." - Taken from Kinohimitsu.

I was also rather mystified at the presence of chicken cartilage in the ingredients list. I know what it is but I had no idea what its purpose was! Let me enlighten all of you now. Chicken cartilage is a source of Hyaluronic Acid!!! ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ I did not know that either! Now we've all learnt something haven't we? If ya'all need a more elaborate explanation of what Hyaluronic acid is, drop by the Kinohimitsu website to take a look!

Okay I don't want to blabber on and on about the ingredients list when you can see more detailed information on their website. I'm sure that you can see for yourselves all the different goodies in the ingredients list.

Personally I prefer consuming this at night on an empty stomach because firstly, I think it'll absorb better. Secondly, all the collagen and bird nest can work its magic at night during the skin regenerating/recovery period! Lastly, I also think that BB drink + Sleep = The ultimate winning combo as you get your dosage of rest too. So yes, drink it at night, let your skin rest, recover and regenerate in your beauty sleep!

I wanted to pour it into a shot glass for a nicer picture but I lost it so a wine glass will have to do! I love mine chilled for a tasty treat before I head off to bed.

It took me a lot of courage to put this photo up. It's my defenseless, makeup-less, circle-lens-less face!!! And both the before and after shots are taken in the morning while I'm still groggy and giving this weird wonky smile + eyes. However for the sake of Domokie, here's my face. Don't scream :)

L - Before / R - After 6 days consumption

Say hello to my groggy face. Okay all wonkiness aside, if you look at the area between my nose and my mouth, you'll see a little acne scar there. And once you see that, compare the before and after picture and you'll know it's fading! Point proven, it does speed up the healing process of the skin :D Of course this effect came with daily consumption of the product. Another thing I noticed that was a lot more obvious was that my dry lips went poof! Finally, days when my lips aren't cracked or peeling~

If it weren't for the before and after pictures, I wouldn't have really noticed but as you can see, my after picture looks more radiant than that of the before. Although the lighting is slightly different, I look more awake in the after photo. I think it helps with reducing the yellow dull complexion for to really see the effects, you really have to stick to consuming this regularly.

In simple summarized terms, this product works for me. BUT, I have to drink a bottle a day for better results!

What does this product taste like? This is a really hard one to describe. Initially I was afraid it'd taste like cherry juice but I was hoping for it to be like your usual sweet bird nest drink. It turned out as something like no other. It's sweet, fruity with that slight hint of a medicinal taste you get with drinks that has collagen in it. For the strangest reasons, it actually tastes pretty appealing to me and like I've mentioned above, it's like tasty, healthy and non-fattening treat for me to enjoy before I head off to bed.

A box of 6 bottles costs $39.90 so it's about $6.65 per bottle. Honestly, I think it's kinda expensive. Yet at the same time, if you have a stable income, I think you should get this. You only need to consume a bottle a day for 6 days if you're a first time user. Afterwards, for maintenance, you can drink a bottle every three days so just scrimp about $2.20 a day and you can afford this drink! Cut down on your snacks and fizzy drinks, get this healthy one instead. I've seen this at various Watsons outlet and you can get it there so you can earn points with your member card ;)

I can't judge this like I would do with our normal rating system but if I had to give it stars, this will be FOUR stars. One off for the pricing but other than that I have nothing else to complain about this product!

P.S. It's now buy 2 get 1 free at Watsons!

P.S.S. Remember to like their FACEBOOK PAGE to know about more promotions, new launches and discounts!!!


Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes by Confirm Trading. This review is based on my own experience with this product and is absolutely honest. Take note that effects may vary with individual especially when we are of different ages.


  1. I wanna try a BB drink also as i can see the different of your face before n after consumed that drink. for me, its really works. wow. and i'm exciting to try it soon!

  2. Good sharing, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink is no ordinary collagen drink. It comes with 5,300mg of Collagen Peptide specially designed for mature skin to restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance. For detail review visit:

  3. There's nothing wrong with your before & after photos. Before still looks good to me... your skin isn't that bad... I've seen worse.


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