Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Ringo A Day: Johnny English Reborn


This isn't so much a review than a plug, really. Johnny English returns with a sequel almost a decade after its first title in 2003. Rowan Atkinson, once with a full head of black hair (as we remembered him from Mr. Bean), now sports salt-and-pepper hair. Atkinson's reprisal of the role of Johnny English is more subdued and mellow, as befitting his age, but full-blown facial gymnastics still abound (so fear not). The funny dance at the later half ought to be entered into the Ministry of Silly Walks.

There isn't much intricacy to the plot - the film is composed mainly of visual and slapstick humor. In fact, my friend and I missed the first ten minutes of the film but got through the movie without missing much plot-wise. Perhaps it might have been better if the jokes were a little more cerebral or better written (the 'cleaner assassin' bit had been reused a couple more times than it should have). But Atkinson's acting is a full-proof laugh trigger. (But I grew up with him on my screen so I'm a bit partial.)

For those looking for a simple movie to unwind, Johnny English is a decent choice, I think.

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