Friday, 16 September 2011

Product Review : Mandom Fusain Facial Wash

Hello my dearest Domokies! Apologies for the long-time-no-update! I was sick yesterday so my world was spinning! Thus no update! Then the day before that, I had to do stuff for my potential dream job! It's like super close now. Inches away from it, simply awaiting confirmation~

I've promised someone quite a long time ago to do a scrub recommendation. Here's one, my absolute favorite.

I don't think a lot of people know about this. This was a super random buy by my mother one day while she was out shopping. Mandomcorp has a line of make up removers too if I'm not wrong, the anti aging one, oil control blah blah. This however was hidden away at little beauty shops in the neighborhood!

Here's the description, take note of the special features because they work!!!

Honestly, I don't know half the stuff on the list but what I know is, my mom like Ringo, has super sensitive skin. She absolutely adored it. So most people should be fine with this facial wash/scrub unless you're really allergic to any of the ingredients?

Here's a blob of the product! It's greyish black and a little strange looking.

Can you spot those little black + white beads? If you squint even further, there are really even smaller greyish beads in the facial wash!

Foams up pretty beautifully. Not sure if you can tell but the foam's not all pure white, it's actually a really light shade of grey too.

I'm not sure how many of you have used this but my family <3 this! We've used like at least 10 tubes of this :) The scrubbing beads, though of different sizes, are really small so it really doesn't hurt at all on your face! At the same time while this is on your face, you'll be feeling a cool minty sensation that I find awesome in the mornings.

I recommend using this once a day because even though the beads are gentle, you don't want to over exfoliate the skin! Personally, I like this in the mornings because after the slight exfoliation, the skin will be slightly brighter and more prepped for make up! Everything will go on smoother, even skincare~ So that means? Yes, really clean feeling skin! Fresh, invigorating sensation check! If I'm not wrong, my skin was pretty acne free while using this too ^________^

This smells awesome to me despite the fact that it's not fruity or flowery. It's a menthol kinda scent, more manly than girly but it pleases me. Very calming yet fresh! Best of all, this scrub costs ONLY $4.50 at Watsons! Yea they finally brought it in! If you want it even cheaper, the neighborhood beauty shops sometimes sell these for $4 ONLY!!! Like mega cheap much? You only need a little to foam up so one tube, $4/$4.50 goes a superbly long way.


The ratings? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★!!! For sure, you don't need to know more. FIVE GOLDEN STARS from me!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought this myself and I LOVE IT!!!! Review based on my own experience and results may vary with individuals!


  1. FIVE stars and THREE exclamation marks?!
    I am sold!
    I must ask my Aunt to get this for me.

    Thank you for the review!

  2. I'm not sure if the Watsons in HK has this though =/ This product really deserves more attention, it's one of my absolute cannot-live-without facial wash!


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