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Beauty Snippets : Is your mascara wand doing its magic?

"With a wave of the almighty wand, your lashes appear beautiful, luscious and simply magical." Is that what your mascara wand is doing for you? By now, we know that there are all sorts of wands in the market. Let me show you a few examples. Also, do note that this post is just a sharing of knowledge, for sharing is caring and why not let everyone know how their mascara wands work?

We have this curved brush applicator kinda wand...

The comb applicator~

The bendy rubbery bristles kinda wand~

And another kind of comb applicator!

These are just some examples to show you the 1927405679103 kinda mascara wands out there! Before you say that your mascara is lousy / not performing to what it says / clumpy / not up to your expectations, have you checked your application method? Here's a very detailed picture to show the right way of applying your mascara!

Here's the original instructions in Chinese :



And then here's my pathetic self translation in English, hoping that it's more convenient for all readers :

1)Curl your lashes such that it extends outwards and upwards. Coat evenly with your mascara primer.
2)Using a metal lash comb, separate your lashes and get rid of clumps.
3)"Push" your lashes upwards by starting with the roots of your lashes first.
4)Brush the lashes at the middle of the eye forward, slightly towards your inner corners.
5)Lashes at the edge of your eyes should be brushed upwards and outwards towards the temples.
6)Lashes at your inner corners should be brushed upwards, in the direction of your forehead. It is important to brush your lashes in the right direction so as to fully open up your eyes.
7)To prevent any clumping, simply take the metal lash comb and comb through your lashes again! Perfect lashes are done!

Also, you must remember that regardless of how many coats of mascara you'd like to apply to your lashes, you have to wait for each coat to dry first before applying the next one!

At this point, I'd like to add that should anyone not get my translated instructions, do refer to the picture for a better understanding!

Remember how I like to watch the Taiwan beauty show 女人我最大? If you watch it too, you'll know who I'm talking about! I've always been impressed by the make up techniques of Kelvin 老师, otherwise known as 凯文老师. The above picture and tips are given by him! And so are the following information that I'm about to share ^_____^ Now find out more about those wands!




Now for my attempt at translating that chunk into English!

【Mascara Wands Comparison : Traditional Brushes】The wand of your mascara is extremely important as it determines the outcome of your lashes! Below are the 4 outcomes with the 4 different wands :

1)Bristles are closely packed, gives you extra long lashes.
2)Bristles have big gaps in between, gives you thick lashes.
3)Gaps in between bristles, brush is flat when turned sideways, gives you both long and thick lashes.
4)Brush contains bristles that are both closely and loosely packed, gives you long and thick lashes but with lesser effort as compared to No.3, for those who like fast and immediate visible difference.

The greatest advantage of a traditional mascara wand is that you can brush it through your lashes repeatedly and the Zig Zag way of coating your lashes is easier with this wand.




Lo and behold, my translated chunk!

【Mascara Wands Comparison : Comb Applicators】Comb applicators are slim and hard so it enables you to separate each lash beautifully while giving you the volume you need. There are two types of comb applicators :

5)Full comb applicator : Separates and coats each lash efficiently. Gives you nicely separated lashes.
6)Fine and thick toothed applicator : The fine toothed side helps to separate your lashes while the thick toothed side provides volume.

To achieve the desired outcome, you must choose your mascara wand wisely!

Also if you find that you are the kind that tend to accidentally stick the wand in your eyes while applying mascara, you might want to try a comb applicator. It's thinner and easier to control. Now you know, it's not only the mascara formula that affects the outcome of your lashes. The magic wand plays a big part and you just have to know what you want!

All in all, I hope this mini article has helped everyone, even if only slightly.

Much love,
Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Pictures without watermark belongs to Kevin 老师's Facebook. Tips in Chinese also belongs to Kevin 老师's Facebook. I translated the tips myself so should there be errors, feel free to correct me. This post is just to share and give people more knowledge on their mascara wands. All credits go to Kevin 老师's Facebook.

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