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Product Review : My Beauty Diary Strawberry Milk Mask (我的美丽日记草莓牛奶面膜)

A really long while ago, I saw it at Watsons. I thought to myself, "Cheh! Make use of Hello Kitty to sell masks!!!" And basically I convinced myself that this was just a marketing strategy to get impulse shoppers like me to purchase cute stuff.

And then few weeks ago, I saw it on Cat's blog. THEN, I HEARD IT CALLING MY NAME. Beckoning to me, seducing me, whispering in my ears... Okay I'm being nutty. If you all don't know, I'm a Hello Kitty fan. I am so going to eat more happy meals just for those HK watches at Mcdonnies! If you also didn't know, I'm a major lover of MBD Masks!


It resulted in me getting.

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Milk Mask. Also known as the 我的美丽日记草莓牛奶面膜 in Chinese. Look at it~~~ MBD + Pink + HK + Strawberries + Milk = PPP (Power Packed Punch)

Evidence that it's from SANRI♡!!!

Let's not forget the holographic security label! Must show off the term I learnt in my diploma, cannot let it go to waste!

Personally, I get really intimidated trying to read the back of the box. Not that I am unable to read Chinese but because there's a lot of words.

Okay let me try to explain the picture. By right, it's trying to give you a visual representation of how the mask sheet works. According to the description and IF I'm not wrong, the cloth of this mask is imported from Japan and of high quality..? It also describes something like... The cloth isn't easily affected by polluted environments... Shaped with some kinda turbo air energy thing?! And lastly I'm sure this is right. It has the ability to adhere comfortably to our skin and provide a high amount of moisture!!!

Ingredients list. According to the description, I believe this mask is to hydrate, even the skintone and to improve skin texture.

Because I am this paranoid, here's the ingredients list again. Please read whichever seems clearer to you!

Also, this wonderful mask comes in THREE designs WITHIN ONE box!

Design one, pink polka dotties.

Design two, white polka dotties.

Design three, my personal favorite because it seems the pinkest and sweetest?

My gripe with most masks? The nose area cannot cover my bulbous nose!!! You can tell I actually have a really big face because the mask isn't enough to cover my forehead properly. I usually conceal my fat face with my hair.

For most of the masks I've used, the essence is clear. This one's a little milky and I like to say that it's because this mask supposedly has milk in it, or in its name at least~

I've already described the problems I face with the mask fitting my face so let's move on to the scent first. I LOVE IT. Anyone drank Meiji Strawberry Milk before? This mask smells like that and it brings back memories! In secondary school, we used to drink Meiji Milk almost everyday. It just makes me miss the time I had in secondary school... It's a really delightful and fragrant scent in short. I love it on my face and it really makes me feel so er... Blessed? The best part about this is that the scent lingers even after you remove the mask :D

Back to the essence, it's milky, plentiful and really runny. In fact, the amount remaining in the packet is sufficient for me to cover my neck, arms and legs! However, despite how runny and spreadable the essence is, it takes a freaking long time for it to absorb fully. This mask requires a lot of patience because you really have to massage and pat into your face or it'll feel sticky.It's like Hada Labo ya know? Sticky at first but really plumps up and hydrates the skin. My face feels darn smooth after using this.

L - Before / R - After

Personally I don't think I captured the difference very well but my face really did get a lot brighter after using this mask! My complexion was less sallow and I looked less ghostly. I've not been sleeping enough recently and that has turned me into a zombie/ghost. Masking really helps. I also just remembered that I've not been eating fruits so I'll be bringing my AFC Japan CHAKARI Fruits and Vegetables to work with me~

Either way, I'm telling you I really LOVE this mask. It's available at Watsons at $16.90 for a limited period of time because this is LE. My Yishun outlet has 5 boxes of this left. Not sure about other outlets! Nope, this is not sponsored and the best evidence of how great this mask is?

I am the proud owner of THREE boxes and Ringo owns a box too! Hers isn't in the picture though. I really advice you to try one box before they're all gone!!!

Texture : ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Takes a lot of timeeeeee, sticky if not fully absorbed!)
Effectiveness : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (SO plump, smooth and firm skin along with even skintone!)
Scent : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (A girl cannot ask for more.)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (I would give it 5 stars if not for the fact that it's LE and takes awhile to absorb.)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought these masks from Watsons myself and do not represent Watsons or MBD.

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  1. yeah i love this too! but im always lazy to mask myself


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