Friday, 15 July 2011

Product Review : AFC Japan CHAKARI Fruits and Vegetables

We ALL know by now that we're supposed to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables each day right? That fact has been drilled into our minds since primary / secondary school but... How many of us take 2 to 4 servings of fruits and 4 to 8 servings of vegetables everyday? By the way that is the recommended intake per day for an average adult.

I'm ashamed to say that firstly, I hate vegetables. Super hate them to the max. I'm very picky when it comes to vegetables and I only eat xiao bai cai and kang kong. Secondly, I am very lazy. I don't like to wash / peel fruits yet at the same time I only eat washed / peeled fruits. Lastly, I don't like the taste of a lot of fruits too, I get bored after eating them for awhile. So sum it all up and basically, I don't eat a lot of fruits nor vegetables.

However, I was sent these!

The AFC Japan CHAKARI Fruits and Vegetables! Let me clarify, when I first got these, I was super skeptical. Because I really hate vegetables and I dread eating some kinda vegetable powder. At the same time I was intrigued by the idea of these AFC Japan CHAKARI Fruits and Vegetables because...

To me, I'd much rather consume 1 sachet of CHAKARI fruits / vegetables than eat 20 cherries OR 3 FRIGGIN CUPS OF BROCCOLI. 20 cherries, still good. But 3 cups of broccoli, I'd rather die.

So great right? Super high in anti oxidants and very natural too, no artificial sweetener, coloring or flavoring. Okay but when I read that it has no artificial sweetener, coloring or flavoring, I was a little worried because I don't like vegetables, much less vegetable powder. But let us continue first before our imagination runs wild.

Descriptions and functions for the CHAKARI fruits.

Descriptions and functions for the CHAKARI vegetables.

Here's the ingredients lists for both the products! You can click to further enlarge. Can you see that they're super high in dietary fiber? Superb for heading toilet and detoxing =x

You'll get 20 sachets per box.

Take one out~

Aim for the dotted line~

CUT with your scissors!

Here's what you should see in your sachet!

Now you can eat this in various ways, depending on what you prefer.

This is the CHAKARI Fruits in powder form.

Alternatively you can dissolve it in water if you prefer. You can even add it to your food.

This is the CHAKARI Vegetables in powder form.

And here is when you mix it with water.

Here's what my taste buds have judged. The CHAKARI Fruits taste like Jack fruit and the CHAKARI Vegetables taste like tomato. They tasted A LOT better than I had imagined them to be and I'm glad to be eating these rather than vegetables. Of course, I'm sure these can't be permanent substitutes but they sure provide a great solution for those who are always busy or unhealthy like me! They're also great for stubborn children (like I was but I'm old now T_T) who don't enjoy their fruits or veges. Personally, the lazy and stubborn me will sneakily sub my supposed intake of fruits and vegetables with these!!!

I'm not a doctor, I can't prove what these have done exactly to my body or stuff like that BUT I've definitely been detoxing a lot more > o < But that I mean... Think along the lines of... Bowel movement... Toilet. I'm very very sure of that!!! And my digestion has definitely improved, just look at the main ingredient! Dietary fiber, how can I not have erm, better digestion and bowel movement..?

Once again, I can't really rate this because it would be really weird to assign ratings to stuff like... Digestion or anything right?! But I will recommend these for fussy eaters, busy people, stubborn children and people on diet who needs more nutrients!

These are available HERE at only $20.11 exclusive of GST! Convenient to eat and bring around for a healthy lifestyle~

At the same time, have you liked their FB page? They're currently having a mini giveaway!

For more information on how to win, please head over to AFC Japan's Facebook!

Many love,
Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Pictures that are not watermarked do not belong to me. They are extracted off Lifestream Group or AFC Japan's FB. These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes and does not affect the honesty of my reviews.

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