Monday, 11 July 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Yum Cha Tea Time Dim Sum Buffet

I'm super tired now, AS USUAL and I think that's because I've always been running around. I'm at the same time pretty bummed again for not making it through my SIA interview... I think I was too nervous and I'M TRYING AGAIN FOR THE NEXT ROUND! It's my dream job!

But keeping to the topic on hand, I'm tired which is why this is a food post, not beauty!

On Thursday, I had...

Yes, Yum Cha Tea Time Dim Sum Buffet! And honestly, I had very high expectations because... I'm not sure why actually, I must have heard good reviews about it before somewhere sometime ago. Please note that this isn't a real food review, I'm not professional enough to do food review, it's more of like... Just my opinion.

I know the pictures might make the food look tasty, but read on to find out if they really are.

Prawn dumplings are my favorite dim sum. I adore prawns and the kinda chewy skin that holds the prawn. However I'm sad to say that for this one, the skin was too thick and sticky. It's texture wasn't very nice. The prawns were also not as sweet and juicy as I expected them to be.

This is the fried version of prawn dumplings. Once again, I was kinda disappointed. They added the "smelly vegetable" in the prawns and there was too much flour. By "smelly vegetable", I don't mean that the vege's gone bad, it's just a vegetable that taste horrible to me and I never liked it or expected it to be in my fried prawn dumpling!!!

This one's pretty decent. Finally! Fried mango prawns I believe. The mango compliments the prawns really well and they're not stingy with the mangoes, it's really fragrant and adds a nice punch of flavor to the entire dish.

THIS WAS HORRIBLE! Thick skin, weird paste! These were supposed to be custard buns okay. But they taste nothing like custard buns. I'm sorry, these just taste like gooey flour with some weird thick paste in it. The paste isn't smooth either.

These are crystal chives dumplings if I'm not wrong. These were quite terrible too. Their skin is always too thick!!!

Er. These should be shark fin dumplings of some sort. I didn't order this. I didn't quite like this either. Tasted nothing like shark fin and I'm personally against eating shark fin. I don't like to slaughter a living thing just for it's fin!!!

These are scallop dumplings? I think so. Once again, the skin was a little too thick and it had the "smelly vegetables" that I don't like. Lots of it.

I don't know the name of this in English but this is commonly known as Siew Mai. This one has fish roe on top but the fish roe looks freaking weird. It's not translucent, it's opaque!!! And that makes it so wrong. This was nothing special. But not horrible tasting either.

Beef balls. They looked oily and disgusting enough that I didn't touch it.

Spring rolls, I didn't try this.

I don't really like normal egg tarts. I only like Portuguese egg tarts.

HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE!!! Firstly, DID THEY HAVE TO BE SO STINGY WITH THE PRAWNS?! I swear the skin is damn thick and long and for each one, they only had 2 prawns or even just 1 in it!!! It was like eating flour. I'm super disappointed with this dish.

Sweet and sour prawns. Only tasted prawns.

All in all, I would probably never return unless all the other dim sum shops died. Their outlets are nowhere near me and I will NEVER specially make a trip down for it. I'll stick to my previous favorite dim sum location!

Chiharu ❤

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