Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bits of Chiharu : As promised.

It's been tiring running around and all that. I haven't finished editing the post for the masks yet and I'll be doing that tomorrow. First up, it's something that I've promised quite awhile back and the results have been released.

It's not something that everyone might be interested in but I know that some of you lovelies are interested to know, so... Here it is!

I've made it into the semi finals of this competition! Top twelve :) I will be competing with 11 others on 16th July at Lunar with their live band! How cool is that? Very and I'm super excited. However I've yet to decide on a song so if anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to let me know!

Many love,
Chiharu ❤


  1. oooh what kind of songs? chinese ones?

  2. not sure what kind of songs you are into~

    i'm kind of into 徐佳瑩 and A-Lin songs haha! they aren't as famous in SG but i was catching all those taiwanese shows like 新光大道 :P

    some of their nicer songs are kind of emo and can be hard to sing at times but i think the tunes and lyrics are <3~ you could check out these songs~ as well as their other songs too!

    ouh and tanya chua too has some nice older songs :P

    can also sing this song! alot of people seem to get high marks singing this song on those singing competitions if they manage to nail it? it's quite challenging but nice!

    hope i could be of some help and all the best with your compy!!! :)

  3. Drea thanks for your response!!!

    I know of both the singers you've mentioned, in fact I love them too :D I'll drop a little bomb on you. I was once in 新光大道 too ;) I won the PK but got kicked out anyway.

    I sang 失戀無罪 for the last competition I got third place in! I'm not sure how well it'd work with a live band though as the music might overwhelm my voice and swallow me! I've been considering her songs but am quite afraid as I haven't been practicing a lot... Stamina is at its all time low! This one's currently my first choice though!

    I'm not sure if 失落沙洲 is a good song to sing because I'll be singing in public and it's a Saturday, no one wants to emo right? I think...

    But really, I'm very glad you replied and I appreciate you suggesting songs for me to sing! I wish I can bring more people there but they limited the access...


  4. omg!! -goes and look at 新光大道 singaporean competitors again- gambatte ne! :D just do your very best hehe i'm sure you can do it!!

    maybe you could also consider trying A*mei songs? like maybe from her 阿密特 album? :D some of them sound like they could be nice with a live band.. hmm.. yes there's always the danger of the live band swallowing up your voice if they are too loud :(

    will there be any practices or rehearsals before the actual thing? maybe you could do some adjustments during then :)

    hehe do post what song you'd be singing okie? 8D

    (maybe one day when you have other more public competitions i could check it out and support haha! :P)

  5. Yea, there are rehearsals but it's damn expensive because they will force you to buy drinks each time you go. I never knew a bottle of mineral water can cost $8.60! I'll be heading down soon for a photoshoot and maybe practice on weekdays when everyone else is working xD

    I will post once I've confirmed the song! And thank you sooo much Drea~~~ It feels so heartwarming to receive responses from you :D

  6. oh yes i remember going for 郭静's live concert thingy a couple of years back with a friend and ouchhhh!!! we had to buy a drink each to sit at a table T_T inflation to the max :x

    you're welcome~ :D will comment more!!


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