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Product Review : LoveMore Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask (爱恋膜法红宝瞬白颈颜双拉提面膜)

Okay, I realized the trend with Taiwan masks. The names are really long and often in traditional Chinese which makes it really hard to read at times. However thanks to LoveMore Singapore, I didn't have to google high and low to find out the actual English name of the mask!


The LoveMore Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask, otherwise known as  爱恋膜法红宝瞬白颈颜双拉提面膜 in Chinese. LoveMore Singapore actually gave me three choices but something went wonky with the email and I didn't get to choose! However, I believe they are psychic because I wanted to try this Red Magic one since they posted it on their facebook saying it smells like blackcurrants!

Gets rid of the nasty pigmentation, away with dull skin~

Step-by-step guide to putting on this mask!

Never ever forget the ingredients list! I also believe most sensitive skinned babes can use this because perfume is the 2nd bottom on the list!

I love how the mask is such a bright shade of red, really kinda brightens the mood somehow.

So what is this mask good for? As the name suggests, it's probably for whitening and lifting! This Red Magic one specifically targets those who often spend their time in the sun. Might not be so "for me" because I actually spend my time camping at home or in shopping malls, away from the sun!

According to LoveMore Singapore, the LoveMore Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask is...

"Formulated to target melanin that causes dark skin, you will be surprised and pleased by the obvious whitening effect. Be prepared to buy a one shade fairer foundation!

Pamper your neck with the essence too! You will transform into the fairest Snow White!!

The Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask contains a strict selection of high-quality gem anion, Pyracantha essence, astaxanthin, red pomegranates, and red wine polyphenol.

Enhance the depth of anti-crime, the promotion of internal white factor synthesis by UV rays for a long time the formation of melanin, improved circulation force, locking the original dense black does not belong to you, like white water of a color number of the most appropriate choice!

With enhanced ability to turn darkened skin due to UV rays, the Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask is able to turn your skin fairer from within and improves the blood circulation of your skin. This series is definitely for you if you aim to be a shade fairer!"

Sounds good right? Now let's see if it's as good as it sounds.

The mask is as usual, soaked in a clear essence. Very moist and nicely saturated.

Here's it on my face, it's quite a good fit, except that my nose is once again lonely.

The reason why this time I included picture of my neck is because of the extra 5cm! It really is bigger than the SexyLook ones I used the previous time round.

See the neck portion? It honestly is a whole lot bigger than the Sexylook one. However, because it is so big, it might feel a little tight because it reaches the lower part of the neck and sort of suffocates me when I look straight. So while I was masking, I had to tilt my head upwards. Shouldn't be a problem for regular people because I have a thick neck.

L - Before / R - After

So the weird thing is that my pictures are more wonky this time round. My before picture actually looks pinker, healthier. I honestly don't know why. I swear that is not the case in RL. My face is slightly brightened only though. I believe that could be due to the fact that I'm actually not the right target for this mask? I'm more of a inconsistent sleeper kinda person so I'm guessing that the Gold Magic one might have suit me better? Actually the Black Magic one also suits me pretty well. 

Lifting wise, YES IT WORKS. Double chin is definitely reduced!!! Jawline is also sharper so yes that part definitely works. This mask moisturizes super well though. My skin is freaking soft after using and the essence absorbs so easily! It doesn't smell like blackcurrant to me, smells more like some kinda floral fragrance that I neither liked nor disliked. The quality of the mask is slightly thicker than SexyLook though.

All in all, 8 pieces a box for only $13.90 at Watsons sounds like a pretty good deal. 

Texture : ★ ★ ★ ★  (Great texture~)
Brightening : ★ ★ ★   (It's pretty slight because it might not be the most suitable for me.)
Lifting : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Great great great, use often to reduce double chin!)
Scent : ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (Not my favorite kinda scent.)
Overall : ★ ★ ★ ★  (Will purchase for the lifting!)

Here's their FB page in case you'd like to know more about them!

PS, I've purchased Black Magic and Gold Magic already! Review not so soon though, stay tuned for it~

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : The mask was sent to me for reviewing purposes. My reviews are 101% honest regardless of whether they're sponsored or not. Do take note that effects vary with individuals.

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