Sunday, 31 July 2011

Review: Sheer Indulgence Facial at Living Nature

So Chiharu and I spent a rather substantial amount of money at Living Nature (East Point Mall), and as a result, I got to try out a complimentary Sheer Indulgence Facial as part of their Privileged Customer Programme (because Chiharu is such a dear so she let me have the membership privilege lawl).

As a result, ugly facial pictures ahead. o A o I hope you guys had your meals already.

For those of you who haven't heard of Living Nature yet, it's a New Zealand based company that uses 100% natural ingredients in their products. Absolutely no alcohol, no synthetic chemicals and artificial preservatives! The Sheer Indulgence facial is their signature treatment, consisting mainly of a warm Manuka Honey mask massaged into your skin with Rose Quartz Crystal wands, as well as other natural products personalized for your skin type.

Before the facial commences, you will be given a short survey form to fill in (with questions about your skin concerns, beauty regime, etc) so as to better determine your skin type. It's actually my first time having a facial, so I was kind of nervous, but the staff were friendly and polite, and that alleviated the nervousness a bit (plus Chiharu was right beside me lol). #scaredycat

Changed into their robe and awkwardly lied on the bed, while Chiharu on the other hand...

*coughs* was munching away lol. (_-ω-)

Since I was wearing BB-cream, firstly Catherine removed it and then cleanse and tone my face.

Applying pressure to pressure points.

She was really gentle with my face, and took care to explain the process to us step-by-step. The music in the room was very soothing as well -- instrumental music overlayed with sounds of waves. I think if Chiharu wasn't there making me laugh every five seconds, I would have been lulled to a sound sleep already.

Unfortunately I had my eyes closed half the time, so I don't really know what this was supposed to be. But notice the sachet in the background. All the ingredients for the facial was selected after determining your skin type, and then prepared on the spot (which means it's fresh and hygienic). A lot of their products contain Manuka Honey, hence the yellowish tint (and though you can't tell from the photos) and sweet scent.

After cleansing & toning.

Then a thick layer of kaolin clay mask was applied on my face. I was laughing and moving around a lot but fortunately the mask didn't crack. It doesn't feel heavy like clay masks tend to be too.

The mask draws out all the blackheads and whiteheads which facilitates the extraction process later on.

Freaking huge whitehead/ blackhead honestly idk.

The extraction process was somewhat painful, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Catherine cut her nails short especially too. : 0

The Manuka Honey mask was then gently applied to my skin for its soothing and antibacterial properties. It's warm and smells really yummy - made me kind of hungry even though before the facial we just ate!

The mask was massaged in with the Rose Quartz Crystal wands, which was also heated up to moderate warmness. They were really smooth to touch and the procedure itself was quite tranquilizing.

And they look super pretty~!

Afterwards, another mask which smelled like some childhood candy which I don't know the name of (you know, the stack of chinese candy that comes in gold foil in a cylinder shape that tastes like plum or something?).

Conclusion: My skin was significantly brighter and fairer after the session (compare to neck to see the difference). Though it was reddish for a while because of the extraction process, the redness was alleviated in a few hours, and skin felt smoother and softer for days. The days after that when I religiously applied their Rescue Gel and Balancing Lotion, were the clearest I had been in a while (and then the monthly period came : c).

At $138 per session, the Sheer Indulgence Facial is a bit of an indulgence on the purse, but thankfully first-time customers get a whooping 50% off! I think at that discounted price it's really worth a try, since their products are really quite good. And it's a great way (albeit pricy) to unwind after a long week of work. They're open only till 7pm though, so the only time I can go there is on the weekends. I really wish they were nearer! (They're at Simei, so for those living in the East, good fer ya!)

Overall it was an extremely pleasant experience, and I would love to go again (if I had the means to).

Signing off,


  1. oh we forgot the b4 and after pics hor?
    anyway, glad u like it! ;-)

  2. Yea we forgot but it's alright!

  3. Tks for the review, great pics...except for the munching in the therapy room (frown). Very happy that Ringo enjoyed the session. Unfortunately, I still have not had the pleasure to meet Domokie in persons...maybe next time :)

  4. Ringo wasn't supposed to put that up! Maybe next time though :)


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