Friday, 1 July 2011

Product Review : Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi my lovelies! I'm still trying to fix up the spree page and see if I can get better prices for all of you so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here I am throwing a review at all of you to satisfy ya'all!

Today, it's very different from the normal reviews we do... Because here's us with our very first hair related review!

Presenting the...

The Ichikami shampoo and conditioner! Love the packaging because I don't have to squint at the words each time I want to buy their shampoo / conditioner. Just remember that white = shampoo and black = conditioner~

These are the key ingredients for both the shampoo and conditioner. The smell is as described, I'm not sure if I can say for sure that it's sakura scented because I don't really know what sakura smells like. But I'm sure this smells of flowers! Best of all, it's silicon free. Silicon makes our hair feel smoother because of the way it clings on to our hair yet. However at the same time, because of all the silicon coating our hair, it weighs down our hair and makes it look flat. I'm glad that with these, my hair's fluffy despite how long it is!

Ingredients for the shampoo... It's a little hard to capture everything because it's stuck onto the bottle and the bottle isn't a flat surface?

Ingredients for the conditioner. I really hope everyone can see it!

I was first introduced to the Ichikami range by Joan from Eternity Inter-trade Singapore. I told her about how I've never tried this before despite seeing this and she gave me samples of the Ichikami range to try out. I bet she's really confident of the products! Well because after trying, I bought the retail size for both the Shampoo and Conditioner so that says something yea?

For the shampoo, like what I've said, it smells like flowers and I love such scents too. It's more of a sweet somewhat fruity flower scent. I adore it and I want my hair to smell like this all day. But I can't really judge on the shampoos because my poor hair has reached the point that it just won't do without the conditioner. So yes, I bought this shampoo for the smell.

Conditioner, I cannot live without this stuff. If I stick to plainly shampooing my hair, it will become extremely dry the next morning and shrivel up into a hair ball kinda thing. Let me try to illustrate what I've experienced. It's not very logical in words but I'm going to try so that you can picture it. Usually, with my normal conditioner, my hair drops a lot. I like to comb through my hair with my fingers after using conditioner to smooth out any tangles. And even without much friction, a lot of my hair either breaks or falls out.

With this Ichikami conditioner, combing through my hair with just my fingers is like... Touching silk??? My hair breakage / fall outs are greatly reduced. I'm someone who's very paranoid about turning bald or having bald spots. So I knew I had to get this to save my hair! When I wake up in the mornings, there is really a difference. My ends are a lot smoother and tamer. Not a dry ball of hay or something and that really impressed me. So yes, I got this. I believe these are available at Watsons for $17.90 each if I'm not wrong? I forgot and lost my receipt already =x

I would love to rate these for all of you, but I'm not sure what factors I can throw in. Adding the word smoothness just sounds really weird. Let me just put in across in simple words? For the shampoo, it's not a must get but if you love the smell / need a new shampoo / just want to try Ichikami after reading my review, go ahead! We all need shampoos anyway and we want our hair to smell nice everyday. I'll probably give it 3/5 stars, not bad but not shockingly amazing. The conditioner is a MUST GET. I'll rate it 5/5 for a conditioner. I really love it and I'll continue repurchasing till... An even more impressive one surfaces?

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought these from Watsons myself!


  1. Nice review^^my fav. ICHIKAMI
    you should also get the Top rated In cosmo japan No1 ICHIKAMI hair mask 〜♥That's the BEST〜☆

  2. It's our current favorite too!


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