Monday, 25 July 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Spa Esprit Scentsational Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

I wanted to put this up long ago, but I somehow completely forgot and thought that I did it already. I'm such a muddle head! Remember the Spa Esprit event I went to HERE? We were also given one voucher each for a Scentsational Aromatherapy Full Body Massage!

I went down together with Yijing to experience my first ever massage!

Look at the wide variety of essential oil blends you can choose from for your Scentsational Aromatherapy Massage!

Look at this red bull blend! Sounds spicy~

This is something everyone can consider!

I and Yijing both chose this! Plump up our bodies! Okay not literally, I don't want to become plump.

A look at the "private" portion where we were led to our massage room!

I like the cute lighting thingy

Some kinda artistic sculpture thingy. I can't really admire this cause I'm not an artsy person but I feel Ringo will appreciate this more?

Some kinda painting? I fail to get this either =x

OUR ROOM NUMBER. PLEASE BUY 4D TYVM! (Jk, I will never encourage gambling!)

Our beautiful room! Two beds because I and Yijing are doing the same massage in the SAME ROOM.

The sink...

The shower room...

BATHTUB that I never got to use. I love bathtubs but I don't have one at home :(

My experience at the SPA was pleasant. The masseurs were super friendly to both me and Yijing! We were so nervous and tense at first because we had to strip and wear disposable undies ONLY. We were super shy because it's our first massage and we've never stripped before, not to us and definitely not to masseurs. We even requested if we could be covered with towels over our private parts > O <

We lay down on our beds and proceeded with the massage. By full body massage, I can tell you they meant it literally. They even massaged my butt! And I was super super shy about it. But seriously, the massage felt good. Especially when she massaged my shoulders because I ache there often from carrying heavy bags and have felt that pain for a really long time. I was miraculously cured after this session and I haven't faced this problem ever since.

DELICIOUS COOKIES were prepared for us after the massage!

Another picture because it was so damn good. I almost asked them where they got their cookies supply from =x

We were also served floral tea but I've lost that picture =/

All in all, it was a super enjoyable session and I would love going for it again if I wasn't so poor!

Chiharu ❤


  1. ahh the bathroom is so nice! I long for a bathtub too!!! bubble baths haha ~_~ ohhh and i want massage too~ so tired from school! the cookie is making me hungry at this hour :P did the oils really tone up your body after the massage?

  2. Yea I long for it too! I believe it did. Slightly? Might be me imagining things but my body seemingly felt more erm, slim and toned?


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