Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Event : Spa Esprit Power of Scent Essential Oils Workshop (Part 1)

I promised to blog about it and here it is! Also, take note of what I ask at the end of this post and answer it!

Last Saturday, 11th June 2011, I was invited to the Spa Esprit Power of Scent Essential Oils Workshop by Pearlin! Thank you Pearlin for giving me this opportunity! Himeko and Yijing came too!

That's the poster that saved us when we were lost > . <

I and Yijing arrived at Beauty Emporium where the event was held!

Ta-da, Spa Esprit!

Look at all the stuff they have!

I took a picture of this cause it looks really cute.

From this picture, there's something that resembles a chess board. But it's not.

IT'S ESSENTIAL OILS. Look at the wide range they carry!

They're all from doTERRA!

Our lovely speaker who's educating us on Essential oils and sharing her own experience with us.

It's pretty obvious from her gesture that she's explaining!

And to PROVE I was attentive, here's some interesting tidbits that I picked up along the way!

Here're the beauty bits! :

  • doTERRA Originated in USA and has NO side effects because these essential oils are taken from plants that exist in the same environment as us. (Fake essential oils not only has no health benefits, it may damage your body instead!)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil is excellent for stomachache, cramps, gastritis, nausea and IBS. One drop of this peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!
  • doTERRA essential oils last forever till you finish them EXCEPT for their citrus oils, those have a shelf life of 10 years.
  • Basil Essential Oil + Lavender Essential Oil + 5 days = Sooth and cure ear infections!
  • There're 4 kinds of Essential oils production worldwide. There's the synthetic ones that are used in our perfumes and that's of the lowest grade. There's also the flavoring used in our food, that's the second lowest grade. Then we have the therapeutic grade ones, and those only take up 2% of the Essential oil production worldwide! Last but not least, the finest and rarest, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential oils, and doTERRA belongs in that category.
  • Because doTERRA produces CPTG Essential oils, every single drop is guaranteed to  be from the plant. You can ingest them :D

Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid and drink it! Alternatively you can choose to swallow the drop by itself by dripping it under your tongue. I haven't tried that yet but I drank the peppermint tea they prepared with the peppermint essential oil!

I've also tried dripping the peppermint and the lemon one into my drink. There's no particular taste whatsoever, just a slight minty-ness. It probably gives you fresh breath too so you can definitely consider that!

Here're some of the recommended essential oils from doTERRA!

This is like an Essential Oils Encyclopedia!

Then we had a break before continuing to the hands on session! READY FOR SOME FOOD? :D

I know... I'm pretty terrible at taking attractive pictures of food. But still they look pretty tasty!

After the break...

The different types of essential oils were placed on our tables!


And more!

Our guide book!

Click to enlarge! This shows you the different categories of essential oils and whether they're top, middle or bottom notes.

This venn diagram shows you how you should mix them! The parts that intersect means that they'll complement each other instead of clashing.

Our unscented shower gels, stirrer and blotter papers! Blotter papers aren't for you to blot your face okay, it's the actual name for what you spritz your perfume or in this case drip your essential oil on for you to sniff them!

Turns milky when dripped into the shower gel! Make sure you stir well~

FINISHED. I'm not going to reveal my scent in this post, it's too long already. Look forward to part 2!

We love our shower gels~ Thank you Pearlin and Spa Esprit!

In part 2, I'll be revealing my goodie bag and the scent of my shower gel! Let me know if you all are interested in the shower gel I created~ If there's good response then I'll conduct a giveaway with it! xD

Chiharu ❤


  1. YAY! first to comment XD definitely 100% interested in your shower gel!

  2. @Nia, you're the only one! I guess no one really wants the shower gel :(

  3. i do! XD i've been interested in essential oils lately but havent had a proper "introduction" to them per se. either totally busy, no opportunities or no knowledge Xp guess i'll have to wait till i have more time.

    aww no worries :) cheer up! i'm sure there's ppl who are interested too, just that they didnt comment/didnt know tht they have to comment here? once you start the giveaway, i'm sure there'll be many who'll participate XD

  4. @Nia, thanks for checking back! Essential oils are kinda cool now that I know more about them, I've been drinking them!!! It really worked, I was having a really bad tummy today and the drinking the peppermint one really helped me!

  5. really? wow that's cool! haha yup, i definitely have to try and learn more about it :) but school's so hectic. especially JC life. blegh Xp

  6. Yes, hectic life doesn't mean we can neglect our health! Though I do that too haha, but it's good to stay healthy luh! So I'm trying to start now~

  7. Sounds like a very interesting workshop...was reading bout rosebud tea just b4 viewing ur review...i says that rose teas can help prevent constipation and clear toxic from our body..which in turn gives u better skin and complexion..dunno how true...gonna try them soon...any info to share on this ? :) ....definitely interested in ur customized shower gel ;)

  8. @Sook Fong, the customized shower gel giveaway is over unfortunately but feel free to join our current giveaway from AFC Japan! Personally I like peppermint tea because it really helps with my sensitive tummy!


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