Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Event : Glam me up with Style Session with Shunji Matsuo!

Okay. Here goes. I've always wished for a hair sponsor because well, I AM JEALOUS OF TSURIKI WHO HAS ONE! And I want awesome hair too but then I understand how new Domokie is... And I gave up hope :( So guess how excited I was when Tsuriki invited me to my very first hair related event! Best of all? It's at the famous Shunji Matsuo hair salon~

I believe this is Coleen, giving a little speech and inviting...

Mr Shunji Matsuo in! He's actually VERY photogenic and you'll find out why later.

His mini presentation on the kinds of hairstyles that are in this season~ Jap wise of course. Personally I really like braids, odango buns and princess fringe! I am mad jealous of Michiyo because she has my dream fringe. And it's something that'd never suit my long face.

He's showing us examples of the trendy styles~


This is him pointing to a RL example of a perfect oval shaped face I believe.

The different kinds of face shapes! Of course I believe there's more but this is a simple illustration! You have diamond shaped face... Heart shaped face... Many faces.

Nope, those are not rubix cubes! They're hair wax! Recommended by Mr Shunji Matsuo~

Types of combs...

Different types of pins and hair ties...

The very popular bump its!

And how can we forget, hair extensions!!! If you think long hair is hard to maintain, you can always go with extensions. A lot more flexible because you can have many changes with clip ons!

Why did I put this picture up? It's to show how natural extensions can be! Those bangs, are FAKE. Yeaps, they're just clip ons! How awesome is that?

This is a bottle that spritz water. The main focus is the design of the bottle because it enables the hairstylist to easily fit his/her hands around the bottle.

Introducing the hair stylists...

And introducing...

Kaoru! Why must I specially feature her? Because I love her style, it's super feminine and soft.

Her model.

See how soft those curls are? I want them please~

Aww, see how friendly Kaoru is!

Curling her hair...

The easy way to curl hair ourselves, for longer hair babes.

See this girl with a cute bob hair? Wait for her transformation!!!

Step 1 - Remove rollers

Step 2 - Check how it looks like


Step 4 - Clip hair to the back and spray a generous amount of hair spray. I'm really happy I caught the spray in motion :D Plus it actually smells delightful instead of the typical yuck-hairspray-stinks scent~

Step 5 - Start arranging top portion of hair

Step 6 - Smile and you're done!

Remember Kaoru's model?


Wish I were her.

But anyway, I didn't need to be too jealous because it was my turn! We were each assigned to one hairstylist and here's me.


Usual no volume boring hair.

Photogenic right? After my hair was styled to make me look *ahem cute* younger, Mr Shunji Matsuo took a picture with me!

I'm sorry but I have to use the word cute here. See his million-dollar smile~

But he felt that... I could be cuter!

I've mentioned that I love hearts before right? Here's me with 9 stalks of hearts in my hair xD

I feel like I should suddenly break into a dance and sing some Korean songs at the same time. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THE LEAD ACTRESS/DANCER OF A MV!

Sorry for the spam of me, Ringo had 3 stalks in her hair too!

Cute also right?

Himeko with her amazingly detailed hairstyle.

Looks like... A flower. Lotus? Rose?


I want her odango ~~~

Tsuriki's tai tai hairstyle...

With her hairstylist!

Every blogger returned home happily with a bag of goodies! I'll talk about those in another post because this one is way way way too long~

Really random, but since this is a hair related post, I shall be shameless and ask... WILL ANYONE BE DOMOKIE'S HAIR SPONSOR? #slapsmyself

Signing off for now and will be back soon with something else!

Chiharu ❤

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