Monday, 6 June 2011

A Ringo A Day: Green Tea Latte & Cake Pops

When I was younger I always thought buying coffee at a premium (as with Starbucks) is kinda stupid, but now I've fallen victim to it myself. Granted, Chiharu and I go there for their green tea latte rather than their coffee (it's practically a ritual by now), but still~

These photos are from a while back. I just simply didn't have time to upload them previously. So gomen ne~

As usual, we ordered the must-have green tea latte (hot with lots of whip cream) and one birthday cake pop each! Normally I'm not someone with a sweet tooth, and prefers things that are bittersweet, but I was in the mood for something pink that day.

I don't know why but the cup had Korean symbols. (But it's made in China lar.)

And this is what the cake pop looks like inside. Chiharu said it was gross photographing a half-eaten cake pop but I went ahead and did it anyway. : x

And of course, the obligatory camwhore photos. The cake pops were nice. I think they'll give you a good fix if you have a sweeth tooth or need your sugar high.

Signing off,

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