Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Food Review: Swensen's Baked Mussels

Just a little post to tide through the week. : 3

Swensens is known for its ice-cream, dirty cushion seats and mediocre food, but their mussels are surprisingly good.

Chiharu and I went to the Yishun's branch a few weeks back, at around 5pm. We originally went there for their steaks, because Chi-chan had a good experience with it previously, but it was slightly disappointing on that day itself.

Basically, service was slow though it wasn't peak hour yet, and Chiharu's steak came out well-done instead of medium rare. The mussels were pretty much the only saving grace in terms of food quality. They were succulent, filled with lots of cheese (which we both liked), and most importantly, weren't overcooked.

We had Sizzling Pan ice-cream after that though, and at least for ice cream, Swensen's delivered.

Food:  (Main course isn't its forte, all in all.)
Dessert:  (But if you're up for sweet stuff, then it's quite decent.)
Service:  (Too crowded on a weekend for any service of any sort. Expect service to be slow.)
Value:  (A little on the expensive range for casual restaurants.)
Ambience:  (Expect rowdy kids and ratty chairs. But I'm a little partial to it because of the nostalgia factor.)

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