Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Product Review : Candy Doll Mineral Face Powder

I've been somewhat busy over the weekends so I had to rely on Ringo for her post! She's more of a food fanatic though. I do have some restaurants I can review but truly I don't think I'm good at capturing how the dishes look like in reality and will be unable to do it justice. Hence I did not come up with food reviews. Let me know if you wish to see some!

My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts! Here's one to make up for it, my all time favorite face powder...

Please please ignore all the messy clutter and just focus on the Candy Doll Mineral Face Powder!!! I don't have my own room so the space I have is rather limited and obviously insufficient to store ALL my stuff. And no, that's not my phone either.

This is the packaging and I'm just happy it's cute, purple prints add a nice touch of color to the entire packaging!

The back, I can't really read it though. We do not have an ingredients list either I'm sad to say.

The jar itself!!! The design is similar to the packaging, black and white stripes with purple prints! I love those two candies at the end of the words!

That's what you get when you open it, for those without face brushes, you'll be glad to know that this comes with a really soft velvety puff so you can indeed use this for powdering your face. Of course it'll be more work since you have to use patting motions to blend out the powder.

There was a sticker on this but I tore the entire thing off. If you prefer lesser product spillage, you can poke holes in the sticker instead. Quite a lot of powder comes pouring out if you tip the entire thing over. On the safe side, try the holes suggestion.

To show you what the powder looks like, I had to remove the sift. It's detachable so no worries about that!

A closer look, can you see how fine it is? No?

You should be able to see it now! It's sooo finely milled that cakiness shouldn't be a problem at all as long as you don't use the whole jar on your face. I love piling powder on my face because it's always so oily and I'm glad that this doesn't cake or dry out my face.

I super super adore this powder because of how HQ it is! It's also made with mineral contents so it is less likely to cause any skin irritations. I've used this on Ringo before and her skin had no problems with it either. It's also more of a translucent powder so pretty much all skin tones can use this. Unless you are really EXTREMELY tanned then I may suggest borrowing this powder from a friend before purchasing it. I'm quite sure that it shouldn't post a problem because it really is translucent. If you put an extremely thick layer then I'm not so confident of it not giving you a grey / white cast.

L - Heavily swatched / M - Bare mole / R - Blended

Swatches for you and of course the standard mole coverage test! As you can see, the powder is quite light in color but blends out easily and barely gives you any coverage. Which is why it should match everyone's skintone. It offers very light coverage thus it cannot be used as a foundation unless you have extremely flawless skin to begin with. However should you have pore problems, this powder will cover them up just fine to give you a near flawless finish if you use a good foundation / BB cream under.

It however has very good sebum control and it's the best one I've ever used. Partly because of how fine it is, I can pile it up on my face without looking like a powdery mess. I'll describe it as my second skin. It adheres really well to the skin and looks super natural. This powder has ZERO shimmers in it and will give you a matte finish. If you do not like that I suggest you to use a brush so that minimal powder can be applied.

Once again, after the many positive points about it, there's a negative. It is NOT easily available in SG and if you find it in SG's blogshops, it's WAY overpriced. I sincerely suggest stocking up if you're heading to Japan or you could get your friends to buy it back for you if they happen to be there. I personally will stock up more of this in the future when I return to Japan!

Texture: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (The most fine I've ever seen to date!)
Coverage: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Barely covers but this is a loose powder, it's purpose is to set your foundation.)
Lasting Power: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Superb for oily skin, the best I've seen!)
Overall: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Why still 5 stars despite the coverage? Because I judge on the fact that L/P aren't supposed to provide coverage in the first place. It's truly the best I've used so far.)

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : I bought this while I was in Japan and am in no way related to Candy Doll!

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