Friday, 17 June 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Apologies~

Hello everyone! There has been a lack of posts lately and I'm going to explain myself.

First, I've made it into the Ginvera bloggers challenge part 2! So I actually have a presentation on tomorrow so I have to prepare for it. You all will get to see it too, once I'm done with it. The event is tomorrow so there'll be a post of it coming up soon~

Secondly, I've also made it to the second round of a singing competition. And it's on the 28th! So I only have awhile to practice because my schedule is quite clogged next week. I will be singing 可惜不是你 by Fish Leong. Most likely. So wish me luck everyone :)

Here's the song in case anyone's curious.

The sound quality is a little poor though. Somewhat muffled.

Lastly, I've been sent a few stuff for reviewing and I'll be doing it soon I promise!!! Look forward to it, I assure you, it's good stuff. And one of it is something not only ladies, but guys will love too!

OHOH, remember to take part in our current ongoing GIVEAWAY!!!

Chiharu ❤


  1. ooooh haha good luck with the two challenges! how coincidental, the singing competition falls on my birthday! ^^

  2. Hi Nia, wow you're quick! I will wish you a happy birthday then :)


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