Thursday, 16 June 2011

Event x Giveaway : Spa Esprit Power of Scent Essential Oils Workshop (Part 2)

Hi my Domokies~ This is part two of the event that I blogged about few days ago! You can recap HERE if you've forgotten!

It's not really an event post, it's what happened after the event!

We were given Goodie bags...

A simple plain brown paper bag that can be recycled! Not harmful to the environment at all. I'm not a 100% green person but I like to reuse, reduce and recycle okay~

The sweetest part was how they made the effort to write our names on each bag! It feels a lot more personalized and just gives you that happy feeling~

We went home with these adorable 5ml bottles of essential oils! It's their starter kit :)

I have to say I was really thankful for this starter kit. I had a really bad upset tummy. I ate something wrong + never eat for more than 12 hours while awake + stress + upset. So you can see what a powerful combo that is. So I drank peppermint tea and inhaled crazyloads of lemon, attempting to soothe my tummy and my mood. The peppermint helped my tummy but I don't think my mood was better because something really terrible happened to me.

Lemon however does help in soothing my throat. I drank if on the day of my competition while I was having a slight sore throat. I still made it through the competition :)

There's also a spa voucher but I forgot to take a picture of it! But I'm really interested in Essential oils now, will probably buy mint and lemon when I return. They suit my current needs most! Or maybe grapefruit~

We also brought home the shower gels we customized! Both of my bottles are FULL to the brim okay, I happened to get a beaker that was filled with more than 500ml worth of shower gel.



Let me tell you what's within my shower gel so you can decide if you want to participate in the giveaway or not okay?

Firstly, you'll need to take note that my shower gel will only appeal to you if you love fruity/sweet scents! It's also really citrus-y. Why so? I'm someone who's constantly depressed, so I wanted something that'll brighten up my day. I hope it cheers you up on a day while you're down too.

It contains Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine and Vanilla. I know that right now it sounds like sniffing it is like punching your nose. But trust me, the vanilla holds everything together and gives the shower gel harmony!

Wild orange and lemon lifts your spirit, revitalizes and brightens your complexion. Grapefruit helps you to tackle cellulite! Bergamot helps to calm you. These are what I really need and hopefully, what you wish for too. If stress, sadness, cellulite and anxiety are your main problems, you'll probably want to take part in this giveaway!

Here are the steps to qualify for this giveaway!
  • You have to like us on our FB and be a follower of Domokie.
  • Click the "share button" on the bottom left of our FB page, tag us in it and tell us why you want this shower gel! Please note that we'll take what you say into consideration too!
  • Afterwards, please email a SS of it to!
  • If you blog about our giveaway, you will have 3x more chances of winning this giveaway~ Leave the link when you tag us in the post! A simple one will do :)
Here's a pictorial guide!

Click to enlarge~ There's the share button! Click on it...

This should appear, tag us by writing @Domokie, I'd love to win the shower gel because...?

Let me know why you want this shower gel, maybe because you love what it will do for you for instance. Of course, don't copy my words! Once again, if the response is too poor then I'll have to call off the giveaway. Afterall, what's a giveaway if there's no one to give it to?

SO JOIN NAO~ Contest will end on a Saturday, 25th June!

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : Spa Esprit gave us two bottles to take home FOC and I'm just sharing what I have with my readers!


  1. @ZH ' SS, sorry but this competition is open locally only! I've had problems shipping liquids overseas and I don't want anything to happen should you win it!


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