Sunday, 5 June 2011

Product Review: Etude House Oh M'Eye Line (#01 Black) Eyeliner

As with quite a few of my cosmetics, this was given to me by Chiharu as well. It's pretty handy, though nowadays I tend to use the Kate liquid eyeliner more.

On to the ingredients' list. For eyeliners I tend not to be as particular with the ingredients since they typically contain too many ingredients for me to bother checking them out individually, but I didn't have any allergic reaction to this, and my eyes are pretty sensitive, so I think it's pretty safe.

Like most liquid eyeliners though, try not to get it in your eyes. The Etude House one is drier than Kate's, so there's a lesser chance of that happening, though. With Kate's, the eyeliner sometimes sting my eyes if I'm sloppy and it runs.

The brush tip is thicker and bristles not as fine as Kate's, so you can't get a well-defined line as compared to that, but it is rather decent. The ink tends to collect at the tip though, so you might have to wipe the excess dried eyeliner off after multiple usage. The ink is not as pigmented, but drier and more matte than Kate's, so it's suitable for days when you prefer a less sleek/ sharp eyeliner.

These days I like my eyeliners to be thinner though, so I don't use this as often anymore.

A close up of the brush. As you can see, the tip is more rounded.

And the efficacy test. It does well if you want a thicker line, but is a little harder to control if you prefer a finer one. As for lastingness, it can last for most of the day, though may flake if you have drier creases or a tendency to rub your eyes (like me). It comes off easily with make-up remover though, isn't waterproof but doesn't smudge easily.

I think it's more affordable than Kate's liquid eyeliner. So if you plan on getting a liquid eyeliner, you may want to consider this. Though earnestly speaking, if you put on eyeliner quite frequently, it's better to invest in a better one since they can last for quite long if stored correctly. (Never leave your liquid eyeliner uncapped for too long, and if in a clear bottle, store in a shaded place because ink turns color when exposed to sunlight.

Application:  (Brush tip a little too big for me)
Pigmentation:  (A matte black that's relatively pigmented)
Lastingness:  (Tends to flake if you have drier creases or itchy fingers)
Overall:  (Not bad for its price)

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