Monday, 20 June 2011

Event : Ginvera's Bloggers Challenge Part 2

We've been MIA for two days, and it's not for nothing. Somehow, some way, against the force of Nature or something, Domokie has made it into stage 2 of the Ginvera's Bloggers Challenge! Honestly, I didn't expect it but I was constantly crossing my fingers and hoping Domokie makes it through. Guess that payed off! So Domokie is officially the 10/100 bloggers that topped the challenge!

And hence we were invited to an event last Saturday for stage 2!

It was held at Novus Restaurant, and I believe it's within the National Museum. How cool is the location right?!

Reading materials on our table... These are lifesavers okay, because Domokie is part of the top 10 bloggers, we had to do a presentation and I was freaking out in my seat.

While waiting, I decided to try and be artsy fartsy. So here are some flowers for you!

The Chandelier! So elegant right? I shall assume it represents Yijing in someway for her absence! That's just cause her blog name has a Chandelier in it xD

A lot of bloggers were present already... Tsuriki and Michiyo went there as lifestyle bloggers so they had a different table from us! Stress at this point because they're actually the judges!!!!!

Let us not forget Ginvera's products, all laid out nicely on the table for us to play with! I was having too many butterflies in my tummy to really focus though.

With Himeko! More coming up~

More of us...

Last one already! I rarely camwhore so... This isn't too much right?

Tea was served and this artsy fartsy shot was taken by Ringo.

While waiting for everyone to settle down, I sneaked a shot of Michiyo and Tsuriki! There's more but not all were nicely taken > o < 

The presentation by Ginvera started... Here's the speaker and one lucky shot out of the 129734562 because she's actually looking at us! Or my cam anyway.

I've tried this some time ago but I can't really remember, wish to try it out again soon!

We also had a presentation on their newest babies and thank god for that too! It's like refreshing our brains before our OWN presentations.

Tada~ The Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream! If you don't remember it, click HERE to refresh your mind or read the review!

We didn't go there to re-review the products, it's to PROVE to you how our reviews were accurate! With a moisture test! And that's a moisture monitor that I wished I owned.

Here's the result for the cream, as you can see, the Ginvera one has triumphed!

Next, she talked about the BB cream...

Yes, you're looking at it again! The Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB cream SPF30 PA ++~ Check it out HERE if you haven't/forgot~

Yeaps, Ginvera wins again! It's about 3 times more moisturizing than the Brand Y's BB cream!

More of the speaker... She's really nice! I left my phone at the front of the room after presenting because I forgot due to nervousness. She took it back for me and saved me the trouble of going to the front again in embarrassment!

I hope the pic of me that she snapped look nice!

Food was served during the bloggers' presentations. I was too nervous to snap any shots of anyone. So the rest are mainly food porn! You'll realize that I can only take delicious close up shots of food. Otherwise it'll look plain blah.

I will try and improve and maybe one day, Domokie can be a food blog too!

See what I mean?

Much better! I can't identify this but it reminds me of salsa..? And pickles.

Looks blah, but read on before you judge!

Looks more delicious now right?

It's a bacon + potato combination that was quite unique but tasty!

I know, I've proved my words.

Looks a lot more tasty now. This dish is really pretty. The prettiest one. But not exactly my favorite because the mushroom was a little overpowering.

But... Just because it's so awesomely pretty.

Guess who?

SMOKED SALMON SANDWICHES! MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Salmon is one of my favorite food. Whether it's raw / smoked / grilled / etc. I love it and will never get sick of it!

Macarons, ordered by Himeko to be arranged into a heart shape!

This is my second favorite food that day. I love sweet stuff and this is sweet plus fruity! Added bonus~

You wan't it don't you?

Because I love it :) It's some lychee/longan flavor. Really delightful!

My least favorite. Brown lumps. :(

KIDDING. They're dark chocolates. I dislike them though, I don't like bitter stuff and dark chocolate is... Bitter.

End of food pornography. We finished everything and the TOP 3 bloggers were announced...

Guess who..?


... ...

... ... ...

... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...


DOMOKIE!!! And two other bloggers but I can't remember their names x____x One of their presentations was really cute though, it was done in the format of a racing competition!

Pardon me but I know this post is really long. So I'll be keeping some part for another and thank you everyone for your support!

Chiharu ❤

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  1. the gal on the right (to your left) is called Jacqualine Chan from i believe...


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