Monday, 27 June 2011

Event : Forever 21 x SMRT @ Orchard Xchange

I'm really really tired because editing drains all my energy. Nevertheless, Domokie needs nutrients, so here's an event we were invited to last Wednesday!

Yes, Domokie was "on the red carpet" at F21! A big thank you to Maybelline for inviting Domokie to this event! Maybelline was the official make up  sponsor for this fashion show and we were there to be impressed by their newly launched Hypersharp Liner! By we, I meant me and Yijing! She was invited too and we had a great time being, noisy people xD

Pretty flowers to congratulate the opening of F21~~~

Just because I adore red roses.

Was quite lost there, so I do what my camera does best. Taking pictures of everyone but me.

The DJ for that day and a model.

Randomly grabbed my F21 cupcake and snapped a pic of it. So adorable right? It's pretty good, it's in my tummy already.

F21 board! That equates to "must-take-picture-with-board" and guess what, every single picture is with Yijing. And I'm too tired to steal it off her blog. So I shall present to you those that were taken by the pro!

Printed instantly and given to us! I like the picture on the left more because I appear taller.

Our very friendly photographer.

Ribbon cutting with Domokie on the red carpet again :D

Found this mannequin after stepping into the store.

YES, SHE'S ACTUALLY HUMAN. I want her figure and her complexion!

YES, WE ARE IN ACTION. We were busy snapping pictures that you're seeing today! But this signboard wasn't for us, it was for the three local bloggers who were invited to dress up some models for the fashion show~

They were dancing to entertain themselves before the dressing up starts.

The same model as above mannequin.

Unfortunately, I don't really lust after guys so... Yea.

Love this model because she's sooooo pretty.

Busy dressing their models up!


I personally prefer this look, it's more feminine and I'm a girly person.

The models!!!! So tall and skinny. Can you spot something..?

Their liner art beside their eyes~~~




No smudges seen. Domokie will be reviewing that product soon! Excited? Wait for it, I'll do it on Thursday after I've tested it out for a couple of days~

Other than that, I'm not sure what else to say because I'm more of a beauty blogger so I'm a teensy bit lost at fashion events. I do shop at F21 myself but let's not bore ya'all with where I do my shopping. I hope this post was enjoyable enough and thank you once again to Forever 21 and Maybelline for inviting Domokie to this event!

Ends post with a random picture of Yijing loving Singapore.

Chiharu ❤

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