Monday, 13 June 2011

FOTD : Gyaru x Doll

It's been extremely long since I did an FOTD. That's really because I like to do the same looks and there hasn't been any event that requires something more unique or dramatic.

At the same time, I realized I've never done a post on any Gyaru inspired look before despite stating it in our description so here's my take on it! Please click on pictures to enlarge if you require more detailed images!

Please note that mine is a very natural kinda of look. It's not 100% gyaru because my eyes aren't suited to be too droopy so I modified the look a little.

Ignore the background okay, I don't have much places to camwhore at and this is the best I can do!

I know not all of you want to see my face, so I'm going to reveal what I've used first. Then if you want to see this look from more angles you can continue reading!

Lancome Teint Miracle in O-03
Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

Mac Paintpot in Painterly
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara
Random eyelash curler
Dollywink Lashes in #01 Dolly Sweet (Upper Lashes)
Dollywink Lashes in #05 Real Nude (Lower Lashes)
Etude House Brow Mascara



How to get this look ?

Once again, you don't have to use exactly what I use. Whatever I choose is often randomly grabbed from my pile of stuff depending on my mood. I didn't use a primer because I'm often anal at how most mattifying / pore concealing primers tend to clog pores. I went ahead and applied my Lancome Teint Miracle foundation with a foundation brush. You can and probably should use a sunscreen/sunblock beforehand but on that day it completely slipped my mind. Set it with your favorite powder afterwards and in my case, I like the Candydoll one.

Because I have oily lids, I tend to prefer using an eye primer beforehand. If you have dry lids, feel free to skip this step. I primed my lids with Mac's Painterly Paintpot and set it with powder. I then used the dark shimmery brown shade from the Dollywink eyeshadow to shade my crease and let it appear more deep set. Use any brown eyeshadow of your choice for this. I proceeded to line my eyes with my favorite Dollywink Eyeliner. Start with a thin line at the front and let it gradually thicken towards the back before ending it with a flick. Extend eyeliner a little at the inner corners to make eyes look even longer.

Curl lashes and apply mascara. Stick on your favorite upper and lower lash. For something more dramatic, you can always use thicker lashes or darken your crease further. Line along the bottom falsies with the same brown shadow used in crease. Make sure that your falsies have adhered properly before proceeding to the your brows!

Coat brows evenly with brow mascara if needed. Use the brow pencil to further shape and add definition to the brows. Use any spoolie or if your brow liner comes with one to comb through brows and blend the colors.

Proceed to contour face with any MATTE brown powder. In my case I used Benefit's Hoola because it's not too dark and it's completely matte. Apply any blusher of your choice to the apples of your cheeks! Highlight cheekbones and nose bridge. Take any face brush and blend everything together.

I used nothing on my lips that day because I was going out for lunch and I'm simply anal about consuming lip products! You can choose to use a gloss for a cuter look.


More pictures after so many words!!!

I don't know why my eyes are so... Glassy..?

I like this shot, it's very dreamy. I'm actually afraid of dolls :D

Hope all of you liked this! You can wear it out for any occasion but if it's for work, please tone down by removing the falsies! If you'd like to request for more looks, please email us / comment / post on our FB wall and let us know what kind of look you want!

Chiharu ❤


  1. Hi, can I request for a Nishino Kana inspired look? Thanks!

  2. Hi dear, I'll try to do it! Keep a lookout for it :D

  3. Thank you! :) Looking forward to it! :D


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