Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Ringo A Day: Art Biennale 2011

This is a belated post, but better late than never? (Though, better never late.) Went to the Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House last month with some friends on the last day of the Biennale. We chose the Old Kallang Airport for whatever reason overcame us that day.

We didn't manage to visit all the exhibits due to time constraints, but here are some of the works we saw anyway (more a photo dump than anything, really):

Firstly there was an architectural exhibit by Michael Lee.

Half a pokeball.

This reminds me of a rollercoaster somewhat.

Looks like a huge lump of crumpled paper but there are houses on it, or something.

Love the tiny details~

The next exhibit had falling words in different languages.
And this one was kinda gross. Ropes upon ropes of human hair.

This exhibit was by Sheela Gowda, by the way.

This one was pretty interesting. Depending on where you stand, different channels of radio stations in different volumes will be played.

All controlled automatically by some cool looking gadgets.

Michael Lin purchased the entire contents of an old local shop on May 2008.

Lotsa and lotsa old stuff. Smells like a real shop too.

Retro-looking bottle openers.

The next one was by Ming Wong.

It's a gallery of video installations, which 'refashion classic cinema from around the world to explore the shifting nature of identity and belonging'.

Honestly, I didn't really understand it. But it's high in 'interestingness'.

Mike Nelson's scarred plinths.

metronomes. Lots of them.

The sound they make in unison is kinda lulling.

Not part of an exhibit. Just err... interesting?

By far my favorite 'exhibit' has got to be the tons of drawings done by primary and secondary students.

Unfortunately my phone died at this point so I couldn't take more photos. But... too... funny!

Free Polaroids and balloons! I got a balloon and took it home.

Fun times~ I wasn't particularly moved by any of the works in particular, but on the whole it was still a pretty interesting experience. Please go next year if you have the opportunity, since it's free and all. : D

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