Thursday, 9 June 2011

Music of the Week: Rockband rocks!

I'm probably super duper late into the rockband/guitarhero scene, but recently I've been obsessing over it because my studio has got the whole rockband set (drums, guitar, microphone) and we've been playing it after work. There are some rather decent songs really, and here's some of my favorites:

I think the first time I've heard of the band was by chancing about them trying to find similar artists to The Cardigans. In my mind I was thinking: "Man, they're gonna introduce themselves on stage by saying 'We're garbage', aren't they? What a convenient disclaimer." But trust me on this: Garbage isn't garbage.

And of course, Bon Jovi's a classic. Did you know he learnt guitar and singing at the age of 13, and formed his first band in the same year? Whoo, talk about being a fast learner (or perhaps it was crappy and we wouldn't ever know it).

Another band with a weird name. The band's name came from a poem written by the manager about s group of aliens assembled on Earth to secretly guide Earth's history. Odd name all in all, with even odder obscure references. Originally the band members hated the name, but I guess it stuck on anyway. Pearlman, their manager, once said in an interview that the name was an anagram of 'Cully Stout Beer'. Aww, hard rock and their penchant for beer~!

Kinda arty farty, but ever funny~ Check out their Rube Goldberg machine MV of This Too Shall Pass. I was blown away by the intricacy of it. Their music videos are always worth watching, so have a go at it in youtube.

I still don't know why this was the ending/ theme song to the DeathNote movie, but erstwhile, I've always associated it with the wild west and cheap ale, regardless of the actual lyrics. And of course, if you like Dani California, there's also Californication to check out. (But who the hell hasn't heard both songs already anyway?)

Love their music rifts - they're always pretty catchy. The title "Reptilia" refers to the "Reptilian complex", the central part of one's brain that handles basic emotions such as love and hate. The cover of the single features the artwork from the cabinet of the 1980 arcade game Centipede by Atari.

And yeah, this list wouldn't be complete without Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I used to play this song on rerun for some reason, even though it was actually pretty repetitive. It's just the story behind the lyrics really makes it quite meaningful, I suppose. The song in particular is about the relationship between Liars frontman Angus Andrew and Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O; the title is actually an acronym of the words "My Angus Please Stay".

Lawl, have you guys played RockBand? Or what sort of games do you play? Personally I'm not really a hardcore gamer (my hand and eye coordination skills are too inadequate for that), but I've always really liked games and all its related stuff.

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