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Product Review x Giveaway : AFC Japan Chef’s Diet Risotto

Grab a drink and a snack, sit down, relax and be prepared for a lengthy post up ahead!
On this very happy day last week, I received a package from...

They sent me products by...

Hooray! So very excitedly, I of course ripped my own portion apart!

It's the AFC Japan Chef’s Diet Risotto!!! Looks appetizing right?

Comes in five flavors too! So that you won't get sick of your diet because there's a variety for you to rotate each day. Also, the amount of calories ranges with the flavors. For instance, the Assorted Cheese flavor is one of the highest in terms of calories because, we all know cheese. To make it so not fattening is really impressive.

This diet risotto is not made out of plain rice, it actually contains plenty of low calorie Konjac. Konjac is made from Japanese Konnyaku potato, which has a similar texture to rice.

Characteristics of Konjac - Extracted from Lifestream Group

  • Astonishingly low-calorie base
  • Excellent soluble fiber content for sustained fullness and promotes bowel movement.
  • Prolong gastric emptying time
    • increases satiety
    • reduces body weight
    • decreases ingestion of foods that increase cholesterol and glucose concentrations and reduces the postprandial rise in plasma glucose

Yes, some of you will probably argue. If I want to diet, why not just exercise / eat lesser / eat vegetables? Why should I buy this AFC Japan Chef’s Diet Risotto?! So my answer to that is, you know Domokie doesn't like stuff that can't be justified. So why does Domokie like this?

If we simply exercise, cut down on food intake or simply consume vegetables only, we might not have enough nutrients! Also, how many kinds of food can you find out there that are low in calories and HIGH in collagen? Yeaps, you saw correctly. I said collagen. Each packet of these goodies contains 1,000mg of micro-peptide collagen. Collagen's the stuff that we desperately need as we age. The stuff that makes your skin firm and bouncy, reduces your wrinkles and your fine lines! Also, that's not all. It's fortified with iron to aid in your body functions and performances. Iron gives you healthy hair and strong nails! Not to forget, it's high in fibre :D Fibre helps you visit the toilet more often!

Also, I personally recommend subbing this for your usual dinner because I've always been taught that our dinner should be the lightest in calorie intake!

At the same time, I know how some people may often be allergic to certain stuff so I've taken the effort to present to all of you, the ingredients list of each flavor!

Assorted cheese is made from four different kinds of cheese, Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda and Gorgonzola. The sauce is creamy! Of course, it's cheese!

Curry stew is high in vegetable contents and I don't argue with that. It also is rich in the taste of Japanese curry!

Here we have the mushroom, chocked FULL of shrooms to satisfy any shroom lovers. Has a light creamy sauce.

The Mediterranean seafood, has plenty of scallops and clams. Taste like clam chowder too.

Lastly, tomato with basil! Has chunks of carrots and celery, tangy taste with a hint of basil.

Here's a step by step on how to make this!

I chose the hot water method because my house doesn't have a microwave.

I chose curry flavor first. So I dumped it in boiling water for 5 minutes.

I then removed it carefully because, IT'S HOT.

Cut it open!

Pour it into your own bowl~

It's done! I love curry :D

Here's a close up. Personally I feel that it taste just like Japanese curry would. It's actually one of my favorite flavors! I personally hate carrots but somehow, in a weird way, they actually tasted pretty nice and juicy so I didn't mind them.

Tomato with Basil!

Can you see the transparent beads thingy? Those are konjac, very chewy! Me likey!

Taste like your tomato pasta ~

The Cream of Mushroom flavor. Those blackish brown stalks are the shrooms :D

Can you see, it's really chocked full of it like they described~

I'm just making ya'all hungry.

Mediterranean seafood!

I couldn't dig out the seafood because they kinda camouflaged with the risotto~

Last but not least, the assorted cheese flavor!

Creamy and cheesy...

You can see the Konjac clearly in this shot! I MEGA LOVE THE CHEESE FLAVOR TOO. So yes, I have two ultimate favorites, the cheese and the curry!

So after these 5 days of dieting, I've become slightly slimmer. I think it's because I was also kinda "exercising" as I was running around for all the events. Not that I'm complaining! I however wished they came in flavors we can personally pick, since I'm more a fan of cheese and curry, I'd prefer to get only those two flavors! Personally I can't rate this as per normal because I've only eaten this for 5 days. But I can fit into my pants and not feel as squashed now so that's a good thing. I've also been to the toilet more often ;)

You can purchase this from Lifestream Group HERE for only $33.64 excluding GST!

But what other way to better experience this than trying it yourself?! YES. GIVEAWAY ALERT. Love it? Desire it? You can have it! ONE BOX, COMPLETELY FREE.

This is a super simple contest and I shall make it even more convenient for everyone.

Here're the steps to winning!
  1. Like Domokie's FB page and AFC Japan's FB page
  2. On Domokie's FB wall, tell us why you want this AFC Japan Chef's Diet Risotto in this format. "I want to win the @AFC Japan Chef's Diet Risotto because..." Remember that the @ is a tag for AFC Japan to see!
  3. If you'd like to have two chances to win this, simply be a follower of Domokie. This is just an added bonus for our own beloved readers!
  4. Stalk our blog to see if you're the lucky winner!

Contest begins today, 24th June till 8th July. Winners will be announced on 9th July.

Chiharu ❤

Disclaimer : The products were sent to me by Lifestream Group for reviewing purposes. It does not affect my review in any way.

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