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Event : Judy Lin Beauty Talk Show at Tampines 1

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And now... The event I attended on 25th June at Tampines 1.

How many of you watch this show and read this mag? Personally I love watching it more because I feel I can understand better with both the visuals and the audios.

Judy Lin 林叶亭 from 女人我最大 / NRWZD is the speaker~ Or more precisely, the VIP, the main character, the essence of the event!

The products that are gonna be featured later...

Now I am going to spam some pictures of her because she's awesome. And did you know she's given birth before too? Check out her figure while I continue being ashamed over my own.

This is one of my best shots of her. Smiling and looking straight ahead... Too bad she's not looking at my cam though :(

I MAD LOVE HER MAXI! It's so elegant and pretty.

While the MC was talking...

Her doing the talking and I swear you're going to be spammed with her pictures.

I told you so. I wish I had enough of the top part to pull of this dress...

Her talking about a certain product...

The Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control cream/serum/cream? Yea, I forgot to take a picture of what it looks like though because the moment I head the words BURN + FATS, I immediately slathered it all over my arm. This product smells very minty. Personally I did not experience heating up of any form but apparently Ringo did. Maybe I have thick skin / stubborn fats.

This is them rubbing the it on the model. I wish I was in her position...

Continues... Remember that when using this, you're supposed to massage it in. Don't just leave it there. Always massage towards the direction of your heart. If you wish for a more convenient form of massaging, you can try what is illustrated below.

Massage towards the direction of your heart.

Do it for at least 15minutes per limb.

Don't forget the bottom part of your arms.

Now shrink wrap it for better effects! Helps in firming the targeted area!

I want to be there because I too have very flabby arms that I'd like to get rid of.

Now here's another slimming product... Once again, no product shots yet! BECAUSE I WILL BE DOING A REVIEW ON IT. So the description for this product will be brief!

Their key ingredients.

The ways of using it... I won't demo here, I'll show in my review ;D


Judy Lina and MC fumbling with the slimming patch!

This is what you can achieve...

The hairs are slightly disturbing. Sorry about that but it's his tummy.

Their Black series! Mostly targeted at people with clogged, enlarged pores and oily skin.

Here she's talking about the Black Deep Sebum Softener. If the dirt is stubbornly clogging our pores, we need to soften it before trying to purge it!

So that's the first step to having unclogged pores~

Now apply the Black Purifying Peel Off Mask...

Please make sure that you apply an adequate amount. Too little will result in the mask being too frail and unable to extract the dirt. Too much of it will take you a darn long time to let it dry!

Here's a horrifying demo pic.

Removing the mask for another model... Here's a tip, we must ALWAYS remove such masks from the most bottom and lift upwards. This motion will aid in removing the dirt from pores.

Now brace yourselves for a RL picture of the horrors of dirt.

I'm beginning to think I need it...

Here she's now "sealing" the pores with a toner so that it doesn't remain enlarged and gets clogged again. You can read Ringo's review on the toner HERE!

Finish off with yes, another black mask. Ringo's supposed to review this too! Very soon we will, give us time okay? There's an event later on in the afternoon!!!

I found this series most exciting. It's the anti-aging series formulated with GOLD nano particles! Gold's actually great for the skin if I recall correctly, I've actually read/watched it somewhere that it does wonders for our skin.

This is their exclusive gold face and eye masks. Not for sale but given as a GWP!

Can you see it?

See how the water is yellowish shimmery and murky? An authentic gold mask from Shills will dissolve 100% in water. So after using them on your face/eyes, you can dump it in your bathtub if you have one and enjoy soaking in COLLAGEN.

The gold residue sitting at the bottom of the beaker... I WON THIS FROM THEIR Q&A and so I'll be reviewing it when... I go overseas and there's a bathtub :)

That's a bottle of their Moisture Cleansing Oil.

Made from 100% plant extracts! It emulsifies IMMEDIATELY and COMPLETELY upon contact with water. This also shows that it will not leave an oily residue on your face.

Completely emulsified.

The next model is named Sharon if I'm not wrong again! She's very pretty and I know her from another workshop :) Hi Sharon~

Can you see it in this picture? The tiny gold particles...

I think you can see it better here. Doesn't it feel luxurious to be putting this gold serum on your face?

The cream. Cream is the last step of your skincare, before your SPF. You need cream regardless of whether you have dry or oily skin. It's to help seal in all the other products that you've slathered on your face!

Looks really creamy.

Looks tasty once again.. It contains the same tiny gold particles but my camera couldn't pick it up and I was also trying to pay attention!

Now... She's getting her face moisturized.. With... GUA SHA. What's that? I've captured it all in a video.

The audio is a little sucky but I think that's because my cam can't pick up sounds from a mic. But at the very least, you can watch it in HD! In summary, Gua Sha helps to boost circulation for your skin. You can do it at home, by yourself, following the instructions of this video with just a stainless steel spoon! I however only encourage doing this once a day because it provides a slight exfoliation effect and you should never exfoliate more than once per 24 hours.

It's the end of the talk and she's presented with flowers!

Happily saying thanks and goodbye too all her fans and audience!

Before I end, let me tease you with this.

I can't wait to try it out!!!

The products mentioned are available at SASA stores near you and of course, you can order them from Beauty Bistro too!


A huge thanks to Louisa, Beauty Bistro and SASA for extending the invite to me! It was a really enjoyable session and I wouldn't mind going for more of it to learn beauty tips!

Cheers and have a great weekend ahead,
Chiharu ❤


  1. Hi babe! Thanks for the the video up! :) love your camera <3 you've got my name right too, see you around soon!

  2. :D Hi babe! The sound quality sucked though! See you in future events~


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