Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bits of Chiharu : Attempting to be a food blogger

Hi all, this post is going to be super weird. Personally, Ringo and I LOVE food. We love Japanese cuisine the most. So here I am trying to take pictures of food and attempt to make them look genuinely tasty. Not that we're making food appear nice, they're as nice as they appear to be. At least for this post that is.

The post starts with a super random pic of the stuff I've been having.

This is something ramen. It wasn't eaten by me but by another popular blogger! I cannot review who it is though~

This came along with her ramen, this whole thing is called the Sushi Set.

This is hers too! Chawamushi~

My Ichiban Don. One of my staples. I always eat this. To be honest it's because of the salmon sashimi that comes with it. And of course, the rice is so fragrant because they added ma-you to it!

Yes, again making it's appearance on my blog, the lobster salad sushi!

Has anyone figured it out by now?

I really really really x 100 LOVE salmon. It's one of my favorite fish. This is the Salmon Tataki. Semi-raw so those who don't like sashimi might want to  stay off this.

What do you guys think? Has my food shots improved as compared to my previous ones? Do let me know if you've any comments!!!

In the mean time, I'll be taking MORE food shots tomorrow because I might be having my dinner at Sakae Sushi. I hope the food won't be disappointing. The quality of their food often fluctuates ;/

Chiharu ❤


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