Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Ringo A Day: Books~

A tiny extract of my personal life, I suppose~ I'm really quite a nerd in reality: my favorite podcast is the Nerdist, I played MUD, go to comic conventions, write crappy poetry and well, read books.

Like so:

Rated and titled for easy reference (for god knows why). I quite like 'Makers' a fair bit. It's a near-future science fiction about a ragtag group of hackers/ inventors seen through the eyes of an intrepid journalist, Suzanne Church. It's much more interesting than I can ever type into words, so check out the free (yes, FREE) download here:

Cory Doctorow's books are all under Creative Commons licenses, enabling readers to make derivative works and distribute his works electronically, as long as it's not commercialized. But if reading on a screen isn't your thing, you could check out Amazon for the dead tree edition.

The sacred art of stealing by Christopher Brookmyre is pretty decent as well, albeit a little... uncouth in tone. But it's definitely a page-turner! Definitely borrowing it again when I've got the time. (And yeah, it's kinda obvious: I judge my books by their covers. : x)

My to-do list for that week (on a whiteboard) is short, because it was nearing the end of the week.

And I was able to (finally) do something about my ugly plain-looking nails. Gradient nails~ : D It's freaking basic but I simply don't have the patience and skills to attempt other stuff, like water marbling:

Rainbows (and unicorns)~! And I love her British accent. (Yeah, but I love anything British, really. Except maybe... British food, which is reputably atrocious.)

Anyway, have a nice day. I think I shall be heading to bed now.

Signing off,

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